Saturday, July 21, 2007

One Happy Harry Potter Fan

Well, if I didn't win Mother of the year tonight...I never will. Tanner, Carter & I stood in line at our local Wal*Mart so Tanner could have the latest Harry Potter Book @ midnight. He has been looking forward to this for months. It is all we heard about today. We stood in line with about 300 other Harry Potter fans. A few were even dressed up. It made it kind of fun & exciting. We got home just after 12:45am & Tanner was chomping at the bit to read tonight. I let him read the first chapter & then sent him to bed. So...maybe I didn't win that Mother of the year award after all :). I think he's pleased. He has already said thank you @ least a dozen times. It makes it all worth it!
P.S. We even ran in to some old family friends, The Pickett's.


Laurie, Scott, Emily, Molly & Heidi said...

You ARE the mother of the year to take your cute boy to get a book in the middle of the night. How exciting that must have been. I'm sure he'll always remember it. (Can I read the book next? I'm sure Tanner will be done tomorrow.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tanner-
When I was reading a book that I REALLY liked I found myself reading slower towards the end so the story wouldn't be over! Isn't that funny? Enjoy Harry and always keep reading!
Hugs, Free

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did win Mother of the year. The boy's were so excited just to stay up past midnight. Were was I? I was fast asleep.