Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been Missing In Action. Life has been its normal, busy, non-stop, fun, action packed self. The boys enjoyed more birthday parties & baseball games this past weekend. Tanner got sick on Saturday. If you know this boy, you know he doesn't ever stop. He laid on the ground (created a little bed using our stadium seats) @ the ball field for 2 1/2 hours. Barely moved the entire time. We knew something was up. He ended up with a fever & NO energy. He is better & on the GO again. I think he needed a break & some down time. He is one active, busy boy!

I had the chance to attend the MillsRepco event (downtown) this week. It is an event where vendors from the scrapbook industry come & teach classes. They teach you different techniques while demo-ing their product. I was able to attend two-3 hour classes. I had a great time (thanks Kelly & Paula). I created a PIECES of Me Art journal & 8 cards with the girls from Hero Arts. It was a great little break from my normal routine & fun to try different products. This is the only picture I took. It is Kelly(my boss) & Theresa Collins. Theresa just released her own line of products this year. Her stuff ROCKS!

Brody's birthday invites are in the process of being completed. I need to print the party info & take his picture tomorrow. the picture will be added to the front. It has been so hard trying to find a date that will work for everyone. Baseball is taking over our lives :). I will take a picture & post the completed invite when I am done.

I am looking forward to National Scrapbook Day this weekend. Green Tangerines is hosting a 3 day crop for about 75 customers. It will be so nice to not be Prego this year. I was about 38 1/2 weeks along last year when I taught at this same time last year. It is going to be so much fun. I will be teaching on Saturday & helping out with all of the festivities. I can't wait!!! Our customers will be going home with a completed album (we designed the pages, they will make their own with our help), 6 different goodie bags, an exclusive GT t-shirt, & lots of prizes.
I have to leave you with some cute photos of Garrett & Brody. Garrett can get Brody laughing so hard. I love to hear them giggle & laugh. It does my heart good to watch these two interact & play. It makes me HAPPY!
Have a GREAT Thursday!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Simple Inspirations

I am always jotting down quotes that I hear, see & love. Unfortunately, lots of them get jotted down on random things like: receipts, my hand, Post It Notes, napkins (You get the idea). They don't always make it into my little notebook. I am hoping to post some of my favorites along the way, here on my BLOG. I was flipping thru a magazine this morning & read this:

"Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not". ~Samuel Johnson

I have not been able to stop thinking about this quote all day. I think it it going to be my new motto/chant to myself as I live day to day. I love it when I find a quote that really makes me stop, think & have the desire to try harder. Simple inspirations!

What inspires you?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Coyote of the Month

Carter received the Coyote of the Month award today. The characteristic that they focused on during the month of April was citizenship. On Monday, Carter came home with an envelope addressed to the Parents of Carter. He handed it to me & then tried to hover & read over my shoulder. He then immediately asked if he was getting an award. I simply replied that "it was a note to Daddy & I telling us that he had been good @ school". He was on to us. You never know if your child will be receiving the Coyote of the Month or the Character award. That part is a surprise to everyone. We tried to slip in the back door to the assembly this morning. You will find all of the kids looking around to see if their parents are there. Then it is a dead give away when you've been spotted. They know they are receiving an award. We thought we did a good job hiding in the back row until Carter's friend "E" spotted us & would not stop waving to us. He was telling Carter to "look, look, look, there's your Mom & Dad". We were cracking up. When Mrs. S called Carter's name for Coyote of the Month, he had a HUGE smile, he beamed from ear to ear.

This is what Mrs. S had to say about Carter ."Carter has earned Coyote of the Month for many reasons. He is excelling in all academic areas. He is responsible for completing assignments to his best ability, and returns homework on a regular basis. He makes good choices, and makes friends easily. I appreciate the good examples he sets in class. Carter is a wonderful student"!
I got all teary eyed when she said those things about my boy. He does try really hard. It is nice & feels good to hear it from others, especially his teacher. Some days I have a hard time sending them away to school each day. They are there for 6 plus hours of their day, then usually off to some sporting practice, home to eat & then bed. I feel like I don't get to spend enough time with the older boys. Sorry, kind of got off on a tangent. It is just nice to know that they are doing well in school & even better that they love being there. I am so grateful for fabulous teachers (knock on wood for the coming years) who really take the time to teach my children.

We are so proud of Carter & his achievements. Way to go Carter! Keep up the awesome work.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girls Night Out

The girls from left to right (back): Julianne,Erin, Raimi, Angie, Holli, Alex, Cheryl, Patti Front Row: Stephanie, Lisa, Lisa, & Keri.

Angie getting ready to shop till she drops.

Lisa humoring Raimi with her tourist picture taking escapade. I never leave home w/out my camera.

Keri, another one that is ready to shop till she drops. We were teasing her that we should have hitched up the trailer so we could haul all of her buys home. She did really well & only bought a few things :).

I enjoyed a fun night out with the girls. We hit Costa Vida for dinner...YUMMY! After dinner, we hit Home Goods & did some shopping. I did not buy a thing - GASP! I had a great time visiting with friends & catching up. I am thankful for wonderful girlfriends & the time I am able to spend with them. Can't wait for next months Girls Night Out!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And the winners are...

Sorry for the delay in posting the winners. My printer was/is wigging out. I finally gave up on it. I wrote all of your names out instead of printing them.
Okay, for those of you who have played along with my contests before, know that my boys can't pick just ONE winner. If they were in charge & if I could afford it, you all would get a prize each & every time I do this. They love to pick names out of the bowl. I loved reading about each of your Saturdays. Some of you I see often, others every few months, & I have not seen some of you in years. None the less, I love & appreciate each of you & your friendships. This little blog of mine helps me feel connected to each of you. It gives me glimpses into your lives & I love that!!! I am still waiting for some of you to start your own blogs (you know who you are)-wink!
Again, thanks for playing. Congrats to Stephanie T. & Kerrie E.
Stephanie, I will hand deliver your gift card to you.
Kerrie, will you click on my gmail acount in the comment section of this post & email me your address please? Thanks!
Make today a great one! Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Game Ball (X's two) & give away!

Tanner & the game ball he received.

Tanner & Coach Joe.

Tanner & his pals "J" & "M".

Carter & his game ball & bat from coach Rich.

Tanner & Carter both received the game balls today. Each coach picks a player @ the end of each game. It is someone he feels contributed to the over all game. This is a big deal to all of the boys. We are so proud of Tanner & Carter. Tanner received the game ball for making 5 outs & he had an excellent slide into third base. Carter received the game ball for making 5 outs, 3 of them were right in a row during the last inning-three away! He also had three awesome hits today(two doubles & a single). We really enjoy watching them play ball. They are so into the game. Grandpa Hans & Frances joined us @ the ball fields today. Grandpa trailed Garrett the entire time. I was able to watch the games. It was awesome & rare occurrence. John is usually helping coach the team & I can be found chasing a child or two!!! Thanks for helping me out Grandpa Hans!
It was a crazy day here. We had the two baseball games, three birthday parties, we stopped by our Sacramento Temple & even had time to do some outlet shopping-YEAH! We are exhausted & ready for bed.

We hope your Saturday was fabulous! I think it is time for another fun give away! Drop us a line & let us know what you did today. We will draw a name on Monday for a gift card to one of our favorite stores.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

11 Months old & counting!

Brody turned 11 months old yesterday! I am a day late in posting his monthly happenings. I go a whole week w/out posting & now I just can't keep up. I did remember to take the monthly pictures of him. Can you believe we are one month away from celebrating his first birthday?
At 11 months Brody:
-still weighs about 25 lbs.
-he is very tall (@ last Dr. appt., he measured 4 in. taller than Garrett did @ the same age).
-he is wearing 18 month sized clothing.
-he is eating three meals a day (mostly baby food) & has a few bottles too.
-he still gags on the thicker, chunkier food. We are working on it.
-he is walking all over the place, it is his new mode of transportation.
-he has 5 teeth, three on the top & two on the bottom.
-he says: da-da, ma-ma, & Carter when he wants too!
-he waves Hi & BYE.
-he needs a hair cut around the ears.
-he loves to play chase. He will then turn around and chase you. It is fun & cute.
-I am no longer able to enjoy the full 3 hour block of church. You will find Brody & I in a hallway.
-he LOVES to swing in the swing the backyard (thank you Parkers) or @ the park.
-he loves ice water in his Sippy cup.
-he really enjoys the teething cookie/cracker things (can't think of the official name).
-he loves to pull his socks off-can't keep them on him right now.
-he loves to unload things:laundry, toy bins, garbage cans, toilet paper roll, etc...keeps us on our toes @ all times.
-he loves to clap & even does it @ the right times during the boys ball games.
-he loves it when we sing "If You're Happy & You Know IT" & will immediately smile & clap.
-he likes to growl & thinks it's funny when you do it back to him.
He is a doll & my Little Love. He brings me so much happiness on a daily basis.
I love my little baby bug!

Monday, April 14, 2008

John's 40th Birthday Bash

John had an amazing 40th birthday! We ended up celebrating all weekend long. I hosted a FRIENDS party for him on Saturday night. We had dinner,dessert, & a great time chatting it up with good friends. It was nice to have a night among the adults. John received so many wonderful & thoughtful gifts from everyone. There were even a few gag gifts thrown in to help push him over the hill. I think the one that made us laugh the hardest was the dark, curly haired wig from Chris & Misty. John now has a full head of hair. Who would have thought at 40 he would have more hair than he knows what to do with :)??? I sent our guests home with a little goodie bag that had a few items that were invented in 1968:the aluminum can (soda), Post It Notes (the adhesive was invented that year), Hot Wheel cars & a CD we burned with music hits from that year. It was a fun night & we are so thankful to all who helped him celebrate.

Sunday was John's official birthday. We enjoyed having our families over for dinner & cake. We really appreciate our family members who traveled far to enjoy the afternoon with us. He was really spoiled by everyone this year. Thank you. I made him a scrapbook of his life (starting @ birth to the present) with some of the pictures I received from his sister. I will continue to add to the book & will post photos of that @ a later time.

I called John @ work this morning to see if he was surviving. we both agreed we need a nap. It was a great weekend! Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Today is John's 40th birthday! Happy Birthday Dear John, Happy Birthday to you! Wow! Can you believe how old he is :)??? They say 40 is the new 30. Tonight while talking to a friend, John said he felt like he was 50. He better take that "40 is the new 30" & run with it while he can :) & stop acting like an old man :).
I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday & tell him how much I love him & how wonderful he is. He is my best friend, the father of my children & all that I have needed/hoped for in a husband. He works so hard for our family& is a great example to me & to our boys. He is always playing with the boys, coaching their teams, or taking them to the park. He is so great about spending quality time with them. They love him so much & so do I!

Happy birthday sweetie. Wishing you 40 more years of growth & happiness.
Please help me wish John a Happy 40th!
P.S. We have a had one busy weekend filled with baseball & parties (with one to go). I will post pictures of all of the festivities tomorrow!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Make & Take Monday

We are creating this fun mini scallop album tonight @ Green Tangerines (see link below). Our Monday Night Make & Take run from 5 - 8 pm, it is just a night to drop in when you have 5 minutes. All of the supplies will be cut & ready for you. All you have to do is ink a few elements, adhere some embellishments & add some ribbon. It is fun & easy. I will be there to help you every step of the way! I hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sunshine & Baseball

Another Saturday @ the ball field! The boys surrogate grandparents, Ken & Paula :), met us @ the fields & enjoyed the sunshine & games (I will have to post their picture later when I get it off my camera). Tanner & Carter really enjoyed playing baseball today. It is so much fun to watch them play this season. They have come a long way since the t-ball years. They know what they are doing & are so into the game. Since I posted pictures of Tanner last are a few of Carter. We hope you had a fabulous Saturday in the sunshine.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Brody is walking! It is fun to see him GO. He is taking about 10 to 15 steps @ a time. His balance is improving a little each day! He gets so excited when he starts to walk that he picks up speed. It almost looks like he is trying to run. It doesn't help that I am holding the camera right in front of him. It is one of his favorite things to grab.

**Don't forget to hit the pause button(for some reason you have to hit it twice) on the music before watching the video! Enjoy!!!!

Our baby Birds

We FINALLY laid eyes on the baby birds Monday afternoon. They were/are HUGE! I was really shocked at how big they were/are. We are not sure how long the Mama had been sitting on them. The nest is very small for a Mama bird & two babies. Then, today when we got home from Garrett's preschool field trip, we noticed that the nest was empty. My heart sunk & I was sad. I did not realize how attached I had become to this little family that made their home in our tree. We were on our way back into the garage when all of a sudden we heard chirping. The baby birds were sitting in the dirt on the side of our house. They must have been learning/trying to fly. They sure didn't get very far! I am going to really miss them when they really do learn how to fly! This has been another wonderful sign that Spring is really here.

The first picture was taken on Monday & the second was this afternoon in the dirt.