Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our baby Birds

We FINALLY laid eyes on the baby birds Monday afternoon. They were/are HUGE! I was really shocked at how big they were/are. We are not sure how long the Mama had been sitting on them. The nest is very small for a Mama bird & two babies. Then, today when we got home from Garrett's preschool field trip, we noticed that the nest was empty. My heart sunk & I was sad. I did not realize how attached I had become to this little family that made their home in our tree. We were on our way back into the garage when all of a sudden we heard chirping. The baby birds were sitting in the dirt on the side of our house. They must have been learning/trying to fly. They sure didn't get very far! I am going to really miss them when they really do learn how to fly! This has been another wonderful sign that Spring is really here.

The first picture was taken on Monday & the second was this afternoon in the dirt.


TheVasquez3 said...


we had a hummingbird make a nest in out tree last summer. she built it low enough that we could really see it wenn from inside looking through the window. it was amazing to see a hummingbird sitting still and her eggs we TINY and then 3 little babies..SO CUTE!

Annie said...

Wow! I'm surprised at how big they are too! What a fun thing for your family. Hopefully one will come next year too!

Ben & Shelly Edwards said...

That is too cool! Thanks for keeping us updated on the birds.