Saturday, June 30, 2012

June by the numbers

WOW! We are half way through the year! Here is another month in our the numbers style!
TWO A. books read (Iron House and The Pilots Wife) TWO B. Home runs hit by Carter during the All Star games this month Four All Star games played by the 11 yr. old squad...GO Woodcreek!!! FIVE TOC games played (and won) by Carter and his Major Padres team. SIX the # of days Tanner spends at Scout camp(Mt. Lassen) SEVEN minute mile run by me :-)...1st time ever! EIGHT candles on Garrett's birthday cake. TWELVE new songs downloaded...the new Kenny Chesney CD. I am in love :-). THIRTEEN A. 11 yr. old boys dye their hair blond...All Star tradition. THIRTEEN B. Blog posts recorded. FOURTEEN friends enjoy dinner and WICKED. TWENTY FOUR days of Summer vacation have been enjoyed so far. TWENTY FIVE games won by the LL Major Padres this season...25-0 this season. ONE HUNDRED and ELEVEN miles walked/run this month!
I can't let June slip by without mentioning Garrett's baptism. Garrett has been waiting for this day, all year long. Garrett was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today. In our church, they wait until the children are 8 years old before they baptize them. This way, the children are ready. They understand what is going on and they are at an age of accountability. Garrett had a smile on his face the entire day! Here is a picture of Garrett and Daddy! He was lucky to have his Dad baptize and confirm him today!
Garrett and Mommy :-). I am so proud of Garrett's choice to be baptized.
There were a couple of baptisms today. We were able to set up a little table to highlight Garrett. I made a sign in page (for his scrapbook) for our family and friends to write Garrett a little note. We made some yummy popcorn(recipe coming) for them all to take home.
It really was a special day for Garrett. We are very thankful for the family and friends who were there to support him on his big day! You mean the world to Garrett and to our entire family!
After his baptism, we all headed to Costa Vida for lunch! YUM!!! It was fun to visit and enjoy everyone for a little bit longer.
Shortly after arriving home, we were happy to have this cute face greet us at the door. Tanner had been at Scout Camp for the entire week! I am so happy to have my entire family under one roof again! It was a great week for everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Going Yard

For the records(our records), Carter hit another bomb tonight! He waited the entire All Star season(last year) to go yard. He hit two homeruns in their final game against Belmont Shores that allowed them to win the Northern California State title. This season, he has hit two homeruns within the 1st 3 games. He is not the only one who has hit a homerun. 4 other boys on the team have hit homeruns within the first 3 games. Their bats are HOT!!!!!! Way to go Kruppy and the rest of the Woodcreek 11 year old All Star team. Keep em' coming!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

All Stars

After a 2 day break, we are back at it. We enjoyed the 1st All Star game of the Summer! The 11 year old All Stars are on fire! The boys came out swinging and playing their positions well. Carter went 3 for 4 tonight and he even hit a homerun! It was awesome! A homerun in the very 1st All Star game. Here is a photo of Carter watching the ball go over the fence. You should have seen the smile on his face as he rounded the bases. His team met him on home plate to high five him.
This awesome line drive shot that the 2nd baseman missed landed Carter a triple!

He makes playing short stop look so easy. Here, he tagged up before the runner even slid into 2nd base. Can you tell I am one proud Mama? He is so much fun to watch!

 I had to get a shot of him with his homerun ball. Way to go, Krupp!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tournament of Champions - Champs

The Padres did it! They swept the entire T.O.C.. They ended regular season with a 20-0 record. By the time T.O.C. was finished, they ended with a 25-0 record. AMAZING! 3 out of the 5T.O.C. games that they played, they 10 run ruled the other team. We are so very proud of Carter and the entire Padres team. What a great run! They ended their final game/win with a dog pile. What little boy doesn't love a good dog pile?
Here is the whole team with the T.O.C. banner that goes back to our Little League to be displayed. The boys had an amazing coaching staff who love the game and give the boys their all.
Here is our family, including my parents who made the drive up to watch the game!
Coach Scott told the boys that if they made it to T.O.C.'s, he would bleach his hair. He was good on his word and did so.
Coach Scott also told the boys if they rolled through T.O.C.'s, which they did, he would let the boys shave his head. He even threw in the beard too! Again, he was good on his word and in my book, is one very BRAVE soul.
It was another fabulous WLL season! Way to go, Padres!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hair Dying PAR-TAY!

Carter found out earlier this month that he made the 11 year old All Star team. He was/is super thrilled. He had such an amazing experince last year and is hoping for a repeat. Part of being on the All Star squad is dying your hair. It is tradition and the entire team does it! We met over at our friends, the Siskas and got the boys blonde on. Here is Carter, right before.
Here we are applying the first round of bleach. There is no going back at this point!
2nd round of bleach and the last. Carter said his scalp was burning-eeeeekkk!
And we wait!
It worked. We now have one very blonde little basbeall player.
Let the All Star games begin! Go Woodcreek!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kruppy on the mound

Carter is the 4th pitcher on the Padres roster this season. We have 3, really good pitchers who have been coached to pitch. Carter, on the other hand, has never been trained/coached as a pitcher. In fact, he only pitched 5 innings through out the entire regular season. Coach Nick put Carter in as the starting pitcher for the 3rd T.O.C. game. Talk about nerve wracking for this Mama. I had nothing to stress about. Carter pitched the complete game, only giving up 3 hits. The final score was 13-0. It was a shut out. He did an outstanding job on the mound today! We are so proud of him.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We were thankful to celebrate another Father's Day. We love to show John just how much we love him!
The boys took time to make/write him special Father's Day cards. We spent a few days looking for the perfect gift(s) for him. I think we were successful! We made a yummy dinner(pulled pork sandwiches,fruit,salad) and pink lemonade cupcakes for dessert.
We love having an extra special day, set aside to shower him with love. He is a wonderful Father to our boys. He is very involved in their lives, on all levels. He makes sure he is there for the important/big days in their lives and the simple, everyday moments(dinner each night, scriptures, wrestling, tucking them in at night,prayers). He is their biggest cheerleader/biggest fan. The boys would tell you that he is the best because he will run to the doughnut store(on occassion) before leaving for work(early) and leave them with yummy breakfast treats. I hope my boys know just how lucky they are that they have a father who wants to spend time with them and be invloved in their lives. I am thankful for John's example to our boys. As we spend each day trying to raise good, kind, loving, hard working, honest boys(not easy in this crazy world), I hope my boys will one day look back and see their Father in themsleves. They have been blessed with an awesome example to follow.
A special Happy Father's Day to my own Dad. I am thankful for his time and love. Dad's are pretty special people!

Monday, June 11, 2012

8 is great!

Eight is GREAT! Mr. Garrett turned 8 years old today! We have been on the birthday countdown for a month now. We are all happy that the day has finally arrived. Garrett woke up to his bedroom door wrapped in wrapping paper and little presents and treats taped to it. The boys love this tradition. We can thank my friend, Brenda for the fun idea.
The doughnuts for breakfast tradition continues to live on. Lets just say that it is a good thing their Dad loves doughnuts because their Mom is not a fan!
I am not sure when the opening their presents at breakfast tradition began but they sure love it! Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Randy, Great Grandma Shore, and The Claytons are so good about remembering the boy’s birthdays and putting their gifts in the mail. A HUGE thank you to all of them. The boys love it and it makes me happy that they have those ties/connections/memories to family who don’t live close. He received birthday cash, new outfits, a new squirt gun, MLB Giants hat, a football Wii game, new swim trunks and flip flops. He loved each and every item!
The birthday cash was burning a hole in his pocket and so we headed to the mall. He wanted to buy a new MLB Giants hat(a different color) and his 1st pair of Elite socks. I know you are scratching your head and asking “what 8 year old boy spends his birthday $ on socks?” Are your boys into the Nike Elite socks? These socks are the “it” thing in the sports world right now for the younger generation. The older boys have quite a collection and Garrett wanted in on it! After all of the shopping, we enjoyed lunch at the mall and headed home. We ended his special day with dinner at Chick Fil A(his request) and birthday cake and ice cream at home! He loved all of the birthday wishes(via phone calls, Facebook, the mail, visits at the door). He is now looking forward to his baptism at the end of the month. Such an exciting time for Garrett.
Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We sure love you!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Class of 2012

Our niece, Sasha graduated from Placer High School today! We are so proud of her and the amazing, kind, smart, caring young woman that she is! We know she will continue do wonderful things as this new chapter in her life begins! Congrats to Sasha and all of the 2012 Graduates!