Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloween 2013

This day could not get here fast enough. 6  p.m. could not get here fast enough...according to the littles. Carter had a basketball game and Tanner had a football game and John attended both It was just Garrett, Brody and I.
We had to get the traditional pictures on the porch.
 Garrett, the blue morph man.
 Brody went as Captain America.
 Garrett went trick or treating with some baseball buddies.

Brody and Sam ran from house to house. Those boys are speedy!

Brody was happy with his haul after an  hour. We headed home to light our pumpkins pass out candy.

Garrett came home for about 30 seconds to empty his pillowcase and then headed back out.
The older boys finally got home and went to a couple of houses for some treats. Brody was so happy to see them.
 We hope you and yours had a happy and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

carving jacks

We were on the ball this year. We carved our pumpkins a few days before the big night. There were lots of "eeewww this is so gross" and "eeewww this is so smelly." We had a great time. John and I love the fact that the boys are all old enough to help and that we aren't having to carve 6 pumpkins between us. Here is

Friday, October 25, 2013

trunk or treat

It was a busy day. We attended our annual Roseville 5th ward trunk or treat. It felt weird this year. John was in flight from Oregon so it was just the boys and myself. We missed him but are thankful for his job and definitely thankful for a job that does not require him to travel a lot. We like it when he is around.
The boys and their friends. We enjoyed a chili/cornbread dinner. They had a blast running around, playing games and of course, trunk or treating.
Flash - aka Tanner. thank you Wal*Mart and black football pants for this last minute costume.

Brody and his buddy, Brayden.
Garrett and his crew. Not sure who is under all of these costumes. I do recognize the photo bomber in the back!

Carter and his crew. Tommy, Carter, Lane, Ethan and Joshua.

Grandparent's Day

AKA...Family day. Once a year, the boys elementary school hosts a Grandparent's Day. It is a day to visit, have lunch, attend the book fair, and visit their classrooms. My boys look forward to this event every year. I attended this year. I brought them Subway sandwiches for lunch. We visited the book fair and they each were able to pick out a book...or two or three. We love our books. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with each of my boys, one and one. I loved being able to visit with their friends at lunch. Such a great group of children. We feel very blessed to live in this area with awesome school and an awesome staff.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Here are a couple of my latest What I Wore Sunday outfits!
 Again, I am loving the shopping and the outfits I am finding for church.

Up first, this grey skirt is from New York and Co.. This store has quickly become a favorite of mine. There is always a sale going on. I get emails from them daily and am pretty sure John is going to ban their emails from my email account any day now. The sheer(peach/grey stripe) top is from Old Navy. I loved it so much that I went back and bought the black and tan one...sure to make its appearance very soon! The grey t-shirt underneath is from Down East Basics. I love their fitted t-shirts and am collecting all of the colors, one by one! I think everyone should have one of each color in their closet. The necklace is from Old Navy and my tiny silver earning were found at New York and Co..

I found this super fun black and white A-line dress at Old Navy (on sale). It is a tank top dress so I added a black fitted t-shirt from Down  East Basics underneath. The black cardigan is from Old Navy and so are the red bracelets. Red necklace is from Charming Charlie's and the red heels are Madden Girl found at Famous Footwear.

 This outfit, minus the black shirt was purchased from Down East Basics. The black shirt was purchased at Target. The maxi skirt was on sale and so was the cardigan. Belt was a last minute add to the pile to complete the outfit. This skirt has quickly has become one of my favorites. I love all of the fun colors in the skirt. I am thinking I may need a job at Down East Basics to support my shopping habits :).

The weight loss/getting fit journey needed to happen. I feel better and have a ton more energy. At the end of the day, I have decided that the journey was all worth even if it was just for the fun shopping factor.
Happy shopping, friends!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

thirty nine

I wish the title were a typo! It's not! It's is true! I am year away from 40. It is totally crazy to think that 40 is fast approaching. I swear I am still 27...that is when I stopped counting.

My birthday weekend was amazing. I totally felt loved and was so spoiled.
My Mom and my sister, Amber came up the day before my birthday to help me celebrate.
We shopped. We went to lunch and we shopped some more. I came home with new Yoga pants, a sweatshirt to match, a new top and a dress, too. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Sunday(my actual birthday) was filled with church meetings. I had lots of visits on my porch from amazing friends. There were thoughtful gifts and sweet notes filled with well wishes. Lots of phone calls,texts and Facebook messages helped round out my day.
This cute boy was adorable! I think he was more excited about my birthday than I was. He talked about my birthday all week. He wanted me to open my gifts right away. He found the biggest gift bag from the wrap closet and filled it with all sorts of things. Right before I finally opened it, he said "I hope you don't mind that I found all of your presents around the house. It was really sweet.
 There were Halloween pencils, hand sanitizer, the pumpkin craft we made at his Harvest party. The sweetest thing in there was all of his piggy bank contents. If you know Brody, you know that he loves his change and the Dollar Store. It was very sweet of him to give me all of his change. I put it back the following day :).

Looking forward to this next year. I have quite a few more items to cross off of  my "40 before 40" list.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We love our Fall traditions...even if we have to pull 3 of our 4 children out of school to make it happen! We timed it perfectly and ended up at the patch right around lunch time. All of the field trippers were heading home, leaving us lots of space to roam and play.
We have been coming to Bishop's Pumpkin farm for 10 years. We visited the very first fall we lived in Roseville and haven't missed a trip since.
Up first, a  hayride out to the field to pick our pumpkins...right off the vine!

Up next, a visit to see the farm animals. The boys were kind of bummed that you can no longer go in to feed and pet the goats. You have to stay outside of the pen.

We have entered a new era in life/parenting. Brody was the only one who wanted to ride the train this year. Say what??? The boys felt like they were too old to ride the train. Brody convinced Tanner to ride it with him. It was so cute to see our oldest and youngest, side by side ready to ride the train. As the train began to chug away, I become teary eyed. We won't have very many more years with our whole family together for family trips to the pumpkin farm.

After you ride the train, you have to get a treat. 4 of us had a slice of homemade apple pie with ice cream and two had ice cream cones. I am ready to go back just so I can have another slice of pie!
A few more tradition photos before we headed home! It was a beautiful day at the patch and we were super excited to keep the tradition alive for another year.

Monday, October 7, 2013

flag football semi playoffs

The boys 7th grade team had an amazing flag football season. they were undefeated in the regular season games which took them to the playoffs.
The boys on the team were so cute, they all wore their pink Nike Elite socks in support of breast cancer.
 Carter was the starting quarter back this season. He loved it and the entire team did well and looked great.

I am thinking this may have been a little Tim TeBow moment out on the field. He really wanted to win this game. They lost 13-12 in the very end. They played well but could not get that very last touchdown to win the game. 
This is what the school paper had to say about the 7th grade boys:

The Sports Page
As we wrap up our fall sports and look to our upcoming winter events, here's how our teams ended out their seasons!

The Bears’ 7th grade team achieve a first for Silverado by completing the regular season undefeated!! Key players were quarterback Carter Krupp (who also led the team in touchdowns scored), Christian Reinig and Josh Gaeckle on offense; Ryan Marmorstein, Ryan Heldt and Parker Whitney on defense. Unfortunately the 7th graders lost a heartbreaker 13-12 in the league semi-finals to fall just short of their ulti-mate goal.
Way to go, Bears!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

High School Football

This was a first for our family. We were kind of surprised when Tanner announced that he was going to play high school football. This is our child who has lived and breathed soccer for the last 10 years of his life. This is the boy, when asked what he wanted to be/do when he grew up, his answer was always a "professional soccer player." It shocked us because football and soccer are at the same time and he really was making the choice to play football instead of soccer. He attended a football camp over the Summer. He worked hard. It is rare for a high school-er who hasn't ever played football to get any playing time. Tanner has played in every single game and has quite a bit of playing time. He has worked hard and has earned his spot. He is loving it and it learning a ton. these photos are from the game against Placer. Woodcreek won and Tanner even had a touchdown. His first touchdown of his high school career1 It was so exciting! Aunt Kristina, Aunt Heidi and Sasha were there to witness that touchdown.
Our # 11.
  The big smile after the touchdown.