Sunday, October 20, 2013

thirty nine

I wish the title were a typo! It's not! It's is true! I am year away from 40. It is totally crazy to think that 40 is fast approaching. I swear I am still 27...that is when I stopped counting.

My birthday weekend was amazing. I totally felt loved and was so spoiled.
My Mom and my sister, Amber came up the day before my birthday to help me celebrate.
We shopped. We went to lunch and we shopped some more. I came home with new Yoga pants, a sweatshirt to match, a new top and a dress, too. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Sunday(my actual birthday) was filled with church meetings. I had lots of visits on my porch from amazing friends. There were thoughtful gifts and sweet notes filled with well wishes. Lots of phone calls,texts and Facebook messages helped round out my day.
This cute boy was adorable! I think he was more excited about my birthday than I was. He talked about my birthday all week. He wanted me to open my gifts right away. He found the biggest gift bag from the wrap closet and filled it with all sorts of things. Right before I finally opened it, he said "I hope you don't mind that I found all of your presents around the house. It was really sweet.
 There were Halloween pencils, hand sanitizer, the pumpkin craft we made at his Harvest party. The sweetest thing in there was all of his piggy bank contents. If you know Brody, you know that he loves his change and the Dollar Store. It was very sweet of him to give me all of his change. I put it back the following day :).

Looking forward to this next year. I have quite a few more items to cross off of  my "40 before 40" list.