Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloween 2013

This day could not get here fast enough. 6  p.m. could not get here fast enough...according to the littles. Carter had a basketball game and Tanner had a football game and John attended both It was just Garrett, Brody and I.
We had to get the traditional pictures on the porch.
 Garrett, the blue morph man.
 Brody went as Captain America.
 Garrett went trick or treating with some baseball buddies.

Brody and Sam ran from house to house. Those boys are speedy!

Brody was happy with his haul after an  hour. We headed home to light our pumpkins pass out candy.

Garrett came home for about 30 seconds to empty his pillowcase and then headed back out.
The older boys finally got home and went to a couple of houses for some treats. Brody was so happy to see them.
 We hope you and yours had a happy and safe Halloween!