Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aurora 2014

We caved and finally let Tanner go to his first high school dance. It was NOT a date!  He went with a BIG group of friends and they had a blast.
First up, photos...lots of photos!

After an hour of Paparazzi photos, they headed to dinner and then onto the dance. I am so glad/thankful that Tanner has such a nice group of friends. He has known some of these friends since he was 4 years old when we moved to Roseville.
Tanner is already talking about next years Aurora dance and the fact that he will be 16  and able to take a date! Heaven help me!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drought 2014

We have been on drought watch in the sunny state of California!
We have enjoyed 70 degree weather and sunshine! Our boys wear shorts to school on a daily basis and usually leave the house without sweatshirts. Yes, it IS January.
 Don't get me wrong, the weather has been fantastic but the thoughts of NO water this Summer are frightening! My friend Melinda K. said it best, "Without rain, Summer will be a bummer!"
The nightly news has had a drought watch, counting the days and reminding us just how many days it has been since we have had rain.

Well, this little happy post showed up in my Facebook Feed today.  YAY!  We are indeed  receiving the much needed rain! I am loving it! If I had not been confined to my bed last week(down with the flu) , I would have tucked myself in there today and read the day away!
We need continued prayers (rain dances, chants, etc... )for moisture. Please keep us in your prayers. We are hoping to see many more days filled with rain! Bring it on!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Character Counts

Brody and a few of his classmates received the Character Counts award for Responsibility today!
Mrs. T had nothing but wonderful things to say about Brody. She talked about how he comes to school, ready to learn and to do his work. She doesn't ever have to tell him what's next, he's always  ready! She said that he is a BIG helper when it comes to cleaning up and putting things away. We are super proud of Brody and his love for school and how hard he works.


Hot Shots basketball

Hot Shots basketball season is in full swing. All 4 of our boys are playing, again. You can pretty much find us on the courts every Friday night/Saturday morning for games  and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings for practices. John is coaching Carter and Brody's teams. He is in heaven. This is his sport and he is thrilled that his boys love it, too!
Here are  few pictures of  the littles. Brody is # 3 and tears it up on the court. He runs and runs and runs some more! He knows how to play defense and I love watching him do so. He has a great shot and he is also really good about passing to his teammates.
The blurry action shots are my favorite right now. You can see/feel  through the photo how fast they are moving!

Garrett is sporting #14 this season! It was all about the Kevin Durant neon basketball shoes this year. Garrett is fast and is playing point guard. He landed on a team with some of his old Select soccer team buddies and is loving it!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

100th day of 1st grade

Today is the 100th day of school. First grade is so much fun!
Brody came home sporting this "100" headband. It was also the 100th day of school for a couple of our other boys. Let me just say that they did not come home sporting a 100th day of school headband!
 I can't stand the cuteness and don't want him to grow up!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

W.I.W.S. 2014

For fun, here are a few of my January What I Wore Sunday outfits!
 Grey skirt is from New York and Co.
Cream shirt is from Down East Basics
Grey and Cream stripe sweater is from Target(Clearance for $10.00)
Grey heels are Nine West
Cardigan is from Pink Slate Boutique(First order from them and I love it!!!!)
Cream shirt is from Down East Basics. These fitted t-shirts have become a staple in my wardrobe.
Denim skirt is from Old Navy and the brown boots were found at Ross (last season).

Friday, January 3, 2014


Happy 15th birthday to Tanner.
As we were celebrating, eating birthday cake Tanner and telling him what we loved about him, something dawned on us. In one short  year, Tanner will be able to drive. He will be able to date(double date). He will also need to have his Eagle Scout Award completed. We are seriously hoping that this is one of the longest year of our lives. We are not rushing any of those things except maybe the Eagle award!
Birthday highlights:
His bedroom door was decorated and filled with the things he loves. Okay, so maybe he did not love the new church socks... but they were needed.
He played some football at the park with friends and called it The Tanner Bowl.
We tried to tell him that we had bought him two 50 lb. puppies for is birthday and that was all he was getting. The puppies were actually on loan while we watched them for our friends.
Presents. I think his favorite was the gift card to Best Buy so he could get the headphones he wanted.

Dinner at Costa Vida...his pick. Someone told him to live outside the box and pick something different. I am glad he picks what he likes. After all, it is HIS day and not theirs!

  We ended the night with cake, ice cream and the Happy Birthday song! Super FUN!