Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Year In Review

2018 Year In Review 

I have completed this review for the last 6 years now & have decided to do it again. I am doing it mainly for myself :) & future posterity. It has been fun to look back & read what was important & fun in our lives.

1.What did you do in 2018 that you have never done before? 
I have never sent any of my children out on a mission.Well, there is always a first time for everything. On January 3rd, I dropped Tanner (my first born) off at the Provo MTC. It was hard and it did not help that it was his 19th birthday. It was seriously the hardest 30 seconds of my parenting career. You literally pull in. A host greats you. The luggage is taken out of the car. There is time for one last, quick photo and one last hug and then your drive away. Talk about having your heart ripped out of your chest.

2. Did you keep your 2018 New Year's resolutions and will you make more for 2019?
I did and they were an epic fail. Not a failure for lack of trying but a failure as in not keeping up with the resolutions/goals that I had set for myself in 2018. I can always do better in all areas/aspects of my life. I love to challenge myself and will do it again in 2019 whether I felt like I accomplished or failed in regards to my resolutions.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth in 2018? 
My brother Brandon and his wife Mikki welcomed their first baby into the world in May. Meet Maverick James Davis.

4. Did anyone close to you die in 2018
At the end of this year, I learned that my friend Barbara had taken her life. Absolutely heartbreaking. I loved chatting with her at the gym at o’dark thirty. Continued prayers for her sweet daughter and family.

5. What countries did you visit this year?
 None. Nada. I did make it out to Utah 5 times this year. I dropped Tanner off at the MTC. Took Carter to the BYU football camp. I flew out to attend Sarah and Brandon’s wedding. We drove with the family to attend the BYU vs. Hawaii game and back again to attend the Sugden’s wedding in December.

6. What would you like to have in 2019 that you lacked in 2018?
Determination to get tot he gym, no matter what time of day it is. I struggled to get tot the 5 a.m. class and just need to remember that I can go to the gym at another time during the day.

7. What date from 2018 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Giving Tanner one last hug and kiss on the cheek before I watched him literally walk away from us for 2 years. He is serving a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Jacksonville, Florida. Garrett, Brody and I stood there and watched him walked away and wondered if he would turn around and give us one last wave. He did.

8. What was your biggest achievement this year?
I survived the longest year of my life. Having your first born leave and serve others for 2 years with little contact is no small journey. I survived and am clinging to what others have said about the 2nd year flying by. We’ll see and prayers that it does :).

9. What was your biggest struggle this year?
My biggest struggle this year was getting to the gym each morning. I want to be there and know that I need to be there. I was not good about getting to bed at a decent hour and I know that contributed to not being able to get up before the sunrises each day.

10. Did you suffer any illness or injury in 2018?
I remained fairly healthy until 2 weeks ago. I came down with a nasty cold two days before we were leaving for Utah. So thankful for my good health. 

11. What was the best thing you bought this year? 
I have been without an actual computer for about 3 years. I text and have been checking everything from my phone. We finally broke down and bought a new computer. We got a Mac and I am so excited. Maybe that is why I am here on my blog after years of not blogging. I can actually look at it on a big screen and get stuff done.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? 
Tanner. Putting your life on hold to serve a mission is not an easy feat. School, dating, work and a social life is all put on hold while you serve the Lord. We know a mission is not an easy thing but he has served for almost a year and has been so upbeat and positive. We are extremely proud and continually thankful for his choice to serve and his example to all of us, especially his 3 younger brothers who have been watching all that he does.

Carter has had one amazing year. This kid is a super star. He earned the Academic Merit Award for his grades and also earned the award from the US Army as well. We are proud of him off and on the field/court. He was the starting QB, corner, kicker, punter and team captain. He had an amazing football season. According to his coach, He did everything for the team, including leading the team prayer before each game. He ended his senior football season as the MVP, the CVC Utility Player of the year and a nomination for a state title award as well. This football team set lots of new school records and it was awesome to watch them do their thing. He is part of the national Honor Society. He continues to maintain his great grades and attends seminary without ever complaining. He is one of the starters/team captain on the Varsity Basketball team. He has been serving at the 1st assistant to the Bishop in the Priest Quorum.

Garrett completed middle school and started his freshman year. He earned the Presidential Fitness award, nailing many athletic tests to earn his award. Not many can or will earn this award. He is following Carter’s footsteps. He was the starting QB, kicker and punter for the freshman football team. He was given the offensive player of the year award and it was well deserved. This was Garrett’s first year attending early morning seminary and he was a good sport and never complained. He also tried out and earned a spot on the freshman basketball team.

Brody received the Coyote of the trimester from Mrs. Kandt. He continues to be a friend to all and a positive leader. He had one of the lead roles in the school play. He was tweedle Dee in the Alice In Wonderland production. He completed his last year of elementary school. This completed our 14th consecutive year at Coyote Ridge. I joked that we both graduated from CR. Brody’s WJT football team won the title game and Brody had the winning catch with seconds on the clock. He was also nominated for the 11 year old ALL Star team and had a fun ride playing baseball into the Summer.

John was hired on as a full time employee at Kaiser. This was a huge blessing for our family. We are incredibly thankful for how hard he works for our family. I am continually amazed at how quickly he can jump into a new role/position and take it head on, learning the ins and outs. He is a rock star. I should also mention that it was a BIG Birthday milestone. John hit the BIG 5-0!

13. Whose behavior disappointed you? 
A middle aged woman that Brody and I had the unfortunate encounter with at an Andy Grammer concert. We had attended a concert that was standing room only. This lady was snarky and had asked us to move because we were standing in her groups spot. Mind you, there were 6-8 people in their group and there was no way Brody and I were standing in her spot or their way. John had purchased fast passes for Brody and I. This allowed us to get into the venue before the general admission line. When she rudely asked us to move I politely told her we would not be moving. She then proceeded to “bump” into Brody the entire night. At one point I saw her tell her middled aged friend to push her into Brody. And the friend, the woman/grandma did it! I was totally appalled with her behavior. She kept telling us that we were moving into her space again and repeatedly kept trying to get into with me. I just ignored. Totally disgusted and disappointed that a middle aged woman would behave so poorly. The kicker is that Andy Grammer(the performer) is one who spreads so much love, light and positivity and here this woman was being so immature and nasty. It is time to grow up.

14. Where did most of your money go? 
This answer will NEVER change until we are empty nesters.
SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! These boys of ours play hard and eat us out of house and home

15. What did you get really excited about this year? 
Oh my goodness! This question always takes me the longest to answer. I enjoyed and was super excited about so many fun things throughout the year. Here we go! Events are no particular order.

a).Receiving Monday/p-day emails from Tanner. He has yet to miss a Monday and it is always so good to hear from him.

b).The Train/Daryl Hall and John Oats concert. So good.

c).Watching the Woodcreek Varsity football team excel this season. Breaking and setting new school records.

d). The Maroon 5 concert with Shannon R.. We had tickets for the floor and were up close and personal with Adam Levine.

e). Brandon and Mikki’s wedding. It was such a joy to see how happy they were! So glad we got be help them celebrate their big day!

f). A 48 hour escape to Utah during December with John. It was so nice to escape. We got to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square.

g).Celebrating 22 years of continued wedded bliss.

h).Attending the BYU/Hawaii game with the boys for Carter’s unofficial visit. BYU won and we saw the new freshman QB start in his very first college game and rock it like a boss. So fun.

 i). Attending the lantern festival in Willows, CA with John was spectacular. It has been on my bucket list and did not disappoint. The lantern release was magical.

j).Weekend escape to San Francisco with John. Much needed. The weather was perfect and so was the company. Played tourists in our own backyard.

k). Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour concert at Levi’s Stadium with Brody, Amber and Jace. One Word...AMAZING! It was non stop fun!

m). Late night doughnut run with Andy Grammer. Doughnuts were on him at Krispy Kreme.

n). The Andy Grammer concert at Ace of Spades with Brody. Probably one of my favorite concerts to date. So much energy and so much fun.

 o). That very first phone call/skype with Tanner on Mother’s Day.

p). Carter receiving the phone call/offer to play football for BYU from the safety coach.

q). Having Matt M. come stay and play with us during the Summer.

r). Our Christmas call/skype with Tanner. 

s). The Tommy Apostles shopping day at Kohl's.

t). The Giving Machines at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building - #lighttheworld

16. What song will always remind you of 2018? 
I LOVE music. It speaks to me. I am always looking for new favorite artists/songs. Here are a few of my favorites from 2018:

I Like ME Better- Lauv
In My Feelings - Drake
Happier - Marshmello and Bastielle
Heaven - Kane Brown
No Brainer by Dj Khaled
The Ticket to LA Album by Brett Young
The Good Parts Album by Andy Grammer

17. Compared to this time last year, are you: much happier, much nicer or richer?
All of the above. Richer because John found a full time job and was hired on permantley with Kaiser.
Happier for sure. Learning to let others actions and words just slide right off of me has been HUGE. 
Nicer for sure. Always trying to be kind.

18. What do you wish you had done more of?
I wish I had gotten out and explored more. We did get out but I want to explore more in 2019. It is so hot here in the Summer. I just need to learn that I will sweat and I can shower after. I wished I had just gotten out there and saw it all. I want to do more day/weekend trips in 2019.

19. What do you wish you had done less of? 
Netflix. This is a double edged sword for me. I tend to watch Netflix when I am on my treadmill. I felt like I watched a lot of Netflix shows so that hopefully means I walked a lot of miles this year. I am not one for a lot of TV,
movies, etc… so I think when I feel like I watched a lot, I probably did.

20. Did you fall in love this year?

21. What was your favorite TV Program in 2018?
I started watching Grey’s Anatomy again and I also really liked The Resident and A Million Little Things.

22. What was the best book you read this year?
I loved the book Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and Because of the Messiah in a Manger by Brad Wilcox. Both get 10 stars from me. The Girl Wash Your Face is a self help, real life, no beating around the bush kind of book. So real and so good. The idea is that the world tells us lies and we need to realize they are not true. The Brad Wilcox book was a perfect December read. I laughed, had “ah ha” moments and really felt the spirit while reading it. 

23. What was your greatest musical discovery this past year?
Hands down John Spilthoff was my favorite/greatest musical discovery. I discovered him at the Andy Grammer concert and fell in love with his music. He has a laid back, smooth sound. I could not find a list for the opening acts for that show and I wish I had. I wish I had known his music and lyrics to his songs so I could have sung along. I am ready for him to swing back through town so we can see him again. He has been playing non stop in the house and in the car.

Brett Young is not a “new artist” to me but I listen to him daily. I love his music and his voice.

24. What did you want and get this year?
I wanted an Apple Watch. Who knew you could love a watch so much? I can answer phone calls on my watch. I can ping and find my phone with my watch. I can listen to music on my watch. I can track m y steps and exercise on my watch. I am thankful for his gift from John. I love it!

25. What was the best movie you saw this year?
This is sad but I think I only saw two movies in the theatre this year. I saw the Sarah Winchester movie and the new Grinch movie. The Winchester movie was a little scary for me. Not a fan of scary movies but it was interesting to learn a little more about Mrs. Winchester and how the Winchester Mystery House came to to be. I grew up driving by that house often. I took a tour with my cousins when we were in middle school. The new Grinch movie was cute and a fun way to kick off our season. The colors were awesome and the message is always good.
26. What did you do on your birthday and how old did you turn
I turned 44 this year. My birthday was on a Saturday and I was grumpy. Not sure why my day started and ended that way but it did. Brody had a football game so we attended that. They won. We had dinner (cold) at El Azteca and I went on a 4.5 mile walk all by myself. I I was spoiled by family and friends. I just wish I hadn’t been so grumpy. Boo that! Only photo from the day...birthday selfie at JoAnns.

 27. What would have made your year more satisfying? 
More traveling. I want to get out. I want to see and explore more.

28. How would you describe your personal fashion statement this year? 
Simple, trendy and comfy! Lots of jeans and fun shirts. I always still end up with lots of church dresses. I felt like I was in flip flops and tennis shoes a lot this year. Just trying to stay comfy and cute.

29. What kept you sane this year?
Walks on my treadmill. Friend therapy walks. Monday/p-day letters from Tanner. Praying. Talking out loud to myself…is that considered sane :)?

30. What celebrity did you fancy the most? 
Okay. I will admit that I got sucked int the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. In my defense, it is hard not too! They were all over the news and are so cute.

31. Who did you miss this past year? 
My Grandma Davis. She was one of the best snail mail letter senders. She would always put little hearts over the I”s in my name. Her handwriting was so distinct that I always knew which letters were from her. I just miss her practical, kind self. Christmas Eve was aways spent with Grandma and Grandpa Davis. I think of her often and miss her.

32. Who were the best new people you met this year.
The new football friends and families were a bonus. Kara Hoffman Winchell is a favorite "newish" friend. She is an amazing photographer and is so generous with her talents, time and skills. She and I would often text after the football games, and rehash the good and bad plays/calls. Thankful for her kindness. 

33. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned this year:
I am in charge of my own happiness. I can’t rely/depend on others to make me happy. I can be kind and share my happiness with others simply by the way I live and share my life with others. I strived really hard this year to be inclusive and not exclusive. If there were times when I felt excluded, I knew that there was a chance that others were feeling the same. I made it my mission to include others and extend invites to all.

Whew...that was a lot for one post. It was fun to re-read my answers from last year. It is a great way to record my /our year, in one spot. Give it a'll be happy to have it recorded…something to look back on and see where you have improved and where you might still need help! I hope each and every one of you have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe New Year. May 2019 bring you LOVE, HAPPINESS, and great JOY!