Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July by the Numbers

ONE a. - awesome Brad Paisley concert(me).
ONE b. - awesome American Idol concert(Tanner and Carter -their 1st concert)
TWO a. - books read (The Paris Wife and Hide)
TWO b. - new albums( Maroon 5 and The Zac Brown Band-love them both)
THREE - deaths. This makes me so sad. We lost some amazing people this month :-(. Colleen(a cousin), Dick(an Uncle) and Tony (a family friend). My heart breaks for their families. Hugs to all of their families. We love you!
FIVE - more lbs. to lose to hit my final weight loss goal. I have had the same 5 lbs. to lose for months. Seriously!!!!! I can lose a 114 lbs. but can't lose the last 5-grrrrrrrrr!It is driving me crazy. I am posting it here to make me accountable. I CAN do this!!!! I will report back next month!
SIX a. - All Star games played by Carter.
SIX b. - blog posts recorded.
SEVEN - soccer games played(hello Select/Comp tournaments)
EIGHT - days left of our Summer vacation- boo that!
ELEVEN - scrapbook pages completed.
TWELVE - mile run...without stopping...my farthest to date! Go ME!!!
TWENTY TWO -  Fit Club classes attended(M-F). I only missed one(Stomach flu-blah).
TWENTY SEVEN - girlfriends attend a Brad Paisley concert for G.N.O..
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX - miles run this month( a few of those miles were walked, most of those miles were from running).

Have a happy August! We can't believe school starts next month/week! Summer went by way too fast!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

We did it!!!!

My friend Maegen is training for her very 1st 1/2 marathon. She is just two weeks away from running that 1st half. According to her training schedule, she needed to run 12 miles. Her regular running buddies weren't able to run with her so she asked if I wanted to run the 12 miles with her. Without hesitating, I said that I would and then I began to panic... just a little. The farthest I have run(to date) is 8 miles, without stopping. We met at 6:30 am to beat the heat. After a little snafu with the trail she had mapped out, we found another trail and began to run. We did it! We ran 12 miles and I am alive to tell about it! It actually wasn't too bad. We ran at a great pace and were able to chit chat while doing so. As I typed that last statement, I could actually hear my trainer(in my head) saying "If you could carry on a conversation while running, you weren't  running fast enough." So maybe I wasn't running at my fastest, but I sure enjoyed myself. That is what is making me happy these days! I am excited for Maegen to run her 1st half. I know she is going to kill it! Go Maegen, GO!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

G.N.O - Brad Paisley

I had been looking forward to this night, all Summer long! My girlfriends, Lisa and Patti planned a super fun G.N.O. out to see Brad Paisley in concert. While I wasn't wishing for the Summer days to fly by, I was super excited to see BP in concert again! Well, the day/night had finally arrived. YAY!!! 

27 girlfriends got together to go the concert. I think it was our largest G.N.O. attendance to date. We carpooled over, enjoyed picnic dinners on the lawn(our seats for the evening), and took LOTS of photos...a concert tradition. I need to thank my friend Amy for all of the photos. After the ordeal of getting/smuggling my camera in, I discovered that I had left my SD card in my laptop, at home. So frustrating. Amy saved the night and made sure our evening was well documented.

Amy, Me, Amanda Jen and Sandi

Amanda and I, picnicking on the lawn.

Just a few of the girls while we were waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.

Stephanie, Amy and me!

The group, minus Mer and I. I was waiting for Mer at the front gate  :-).

Loved meeting up with this cute friend(Mer). So happy  she could come.

Amy and me!

Kristin, Me, Amy and Amanda
The Band Perry opened the show. They were awesome. I left the show liking them way more than I did when I walked into the concert that evening! That is always a good thing :-).
Brad Paisley was awesome! He sang all of my favorite BP songs(Waiting on a Woman, Celebrity, Mud on the Tires). There was even an appearance(virtual) by Carrie Underwood. The sang another favorite, Remind Me. That was pretty cool and deceiving...we thought she was really there :-). 

It was an awesome Summer evening spent with fabulous friends, enjoying some great tunes!
I wonder who we are we seeing next???

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday, Sunday!

As of late, I have really enjoyed Sundays. I love that we have early church. I love that we have time to take a nap if we choose to. I love that we are all home together(under one roof). I love that I get some time to read whatever my current read is. I love that I get to come home from church(on most days) and put my jammies back on for the rest of the day. I love that we (almost) always have a yummy meal planned for Sunday dinner. I love that we take a day off from the household chores. Do you want to know what I didn't love about this particular Sunday? I had  to take my baby to the ER tonight for stitches. I didn't love that I had to get out of my jammies and sit in the ER for a few hours. The story that led to me having to get out of my jammies and head to the ER is as follows. Brody and Garrett were running around the kitchen. I lovingly refer to it as "Hot Laps" in my kitchen. As they ran around the island, marking their 5th Hot Lap, Brody ran smack into a kitchen drawer that had been left open (just a tiny bit). He hit his face, just under his eye on the metal strip that the drawer rolls on. OUCH! The wound was deep and would not stop bleeding. I knew he was going to need stitches and off we went.
Brody was a tropper and the ER staff was fabulous!

The upside, in the 13.5 years of parenting, this was our 3rd trip to the ER...not bad. The downside, 2 of those 3 ER trips have happened in the last 7 months! We are hoping to go another 13.5 years before we visit the ER again!

Monday, July 9, 2012

All good things...

must come to an end! Yes, even baseball. The Woodcreek 11 year old squad rolled through District 54(we even Beat El Dorado Hills for a 3rd time)until we faced Lakeside. Lakeside beat us the 1st time we faced them(11-6). We beat them the 2nd time we faced them(6-3). Playing for the District 54 Title, it was Woodcreek vs. Lakeside. Mind you, Lakeside did not even make it out of pool last year. We were hoping for a District Title WIN! During the final game, Carter is the lead off batter and gets up to bat(his 1st at bat of the game)and nails a home run! It was so exciting a GREAT way to start the game.
Lets just say, we went downhill from there. The boys struggled to keep it together to pull off a win. The final score was 11-3 Lakeside...ouch! I do want to mention how well these boys handled themselves after a big loss. We we had them get together for one final team photo, those 11 year old boys smiled and held up two fingers and said "we are # 2!" It made us all laugh and smile. They are talented young men with big hearts and a HUGE love for the game!
We are not quite sure what we are going to do now that All Star season is over??? It was what we did last Summer and we loved every minute of it! Until next season...