Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday, Sunday!

As of late, I have really enjoyed Sundays. I love that we have early church. I love that we have time to take a nap if we choose to. I love that we are all home together(under one roof). I love that I get some time to read whatever my current read is. I love that I get to come home from church(on most days) and put my jammies back on for the rest of the day. I love that we (almost) always have a yummy meal planned for Sunday dinner. I love that we take a day off from the household chores. Do you want to know what I didn't love about this particular Sunday? I had  to take my baby to the ER tonight for stitches. I didn't love that I had to get out of my jammies and sit in the ER for a few hours. The story that led to me having to get out of my jammies and head to the ER is as follows. Brody and Garrett were running around the kitchen. I lovingly refer to it as "Hot Laps" in my kitchen. As they ran around the island, marking their 5th Hot Lap, Brody ran smack into a kitchen drawer that had been left open (just a tiny bit). He hit his face, just under his eye on the metal strip that the drawer rolls on. OUCH! The wound was deep and would not stop bleeding. I knew he was going to need stitches and off we went.
Brody was a tropper and the ER staff was fabulous!

The upside, in the 13.5 years of parenting, this was our 3rd trip to the ER...not bad. The downside, 2 of those 3 ER trips have happened in the last 7 months! We are hoping to go another 13.5 years before we visit the ER again!


kathy said...

This was Kali's 3rd trip to the hospital for stitches. Birthday #5is a month away and I have a goal to hit #5 w/ no more *stitch* visits. We want age to be more than her stitches!

Laurie said...

Poor Boy!!! What is it about kid #4? Rebekah has more stitches than the other three put together...She's my ER kid. I hope you go another 14 years with no trips to the ER!!!

Meridee said...

Oh poor thing. He is so stinkin' cute!