Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July by the Numbers

ONE a. - awesome Brad Paisley concert(me).
ONE b. - awesome American Idol concert(Tanner and Carter -their 1st concert)
TWO a. - books read (The Paris Wife and Hide)
TWO b. - new albums( Maroon 5 and The Zac Brown Band-love them both)
THREE - deaths. This makes me so sad. We lost some amazing people this month :-(. Colleen(a cousin), Dick(an Uncle) and Tony (a family friend). My heart breaks for their families. Hugs to all of their families. We love you!
FIVE - more lbs. to lose to hit my final weight loss goal. I have had the same 5 lbs. to lose for months. Seriously!!!!! I can lose a 114 lbs. but can't lose the last 5-grrrrrrrrr!It is driving me crazy. I am posting it here to make me accountable. I CAN do this!!!! I will report back next month!
SIX a. - All Star games played by Carter.
SIX b. - blog posts recorded.
SEVEN - soccer games played(hello Select/Comp tournaments)
EIGHT - days left of our Summer vacation- boo that!
ELEVEN - scrapbook pages completed.
TWELVE - mile run...without stopping...my farthest to date! Go ME!!!
TWENTY TWO -  Fit Club classes attended(M-F). I only missed one(Stomach flu-blah).
TWENTY SEVEN - girlfriends attend a Brad Paisley concert for G.N.O..
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX - miles run this month( a few of those miles were walked, most of those miles were from running).

Have a happy August! We can't believe school starts next month/week! Summer went by way too fast!