Thursday, July 26, 2012

G.N.O - Brad Paisley

I had been looking forward to this night, all Summer long! My girlfriends, Lisa and Patti planned a super fun G.N.O. out to see Brad Paisley in concert. While I wasn't wishing for the Summer days to fly by, I was super excited to see BP in concert again! Well, the day/night had finally arrived. YAY!!! 

27 girlfriends got together to go the concert. I think it was our largest G.N.O. attendance to date. We carpooled over, enjoyed picnic dinners on the lawn(our seats for the evening), and took LOTS of photos...a concert tradition. I need to thank my friend Amy for all of the photos. After the ordeal of getting/smuggling my camera in, I discovered that I had left my SD card in my laptop, at home. So frustrating. Amy saved the night and made sure our evening was well documented.

Amy, Me, Amanda Jen and Sandi

Amanda and I, picnicking on the lawn.

Just a few of the girls while we were waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.

Stephanie, Amy and me!

The group, minus Mer and I. I was waiting for Mer at the front gate  :-).

Loved meeting up with this cute friend(Mer). So happy  she could come.

Amy and me!

Kristin, Me, Amy and Amanda
The Band Perry opened the show. They were awesome. I left the show liking them way more than I did when I walked into the concert that evening! That is always a good thing :-).
Brad Paisley was awesome! He sang all of my favorite BP songs(Waiting on a Woman, Celebrity, Mud on the Tires). There was even an appearance(virtual) by Carrie Underwood. The sang another favorite, Remind Me. That was pretty cool and deceiving...we thought she was really there :-). 

It was an awesome Summer evening spent with fabulous friends, enjoying some great tunes!
I wonder who we are we seeing next???


mer said...

awesome pics! thank you so much for including me :)