Friday, July 24, 2009

week in review...picture style

I can't believe a week has passed since my last post. After a crazy weekend(last Saturday) of soccer games, I was happy to just stay close to home & relax on Monday! I was able to sleep in till 8 am. Yes folks, in my world, that is sleeping in!
Instead of trying to recap everything, I thought I would post our week in review...picture style & a few thoughts.


We have been enjoying these on a daily basis. When it is 100 degrees plus, these are a must, in BULK.

we were able to enjoy a quick breakfast with my Mom, Grandma & Grandpa Shore & Aunt Carla! We had homemade waffles topped off with whip cream & fresh strawberries.

We don't get many visits from family so we take them when we can get them(we were a pit stop on their trip home from Utah)! It was nice to visit with them. The boys loved showing off for them.

We escaped the heat again & headed to Tahoe! It was a FUN day playing in the water, riding on the boat & hanging out with friends!

We have spent a ton of time in the water this week. Whether it's been water balloon fights out front, swimming with friends, cooling off in Lake Tahoe, or just running through the sprinklers...the boys have loved cooling off.

Our friends,the LaPortes(AKA The HILL people) invited us up to their house for a day of fun! They live in Foresthill & have an incredible backyard. Lots of room for the kids to play...and play they did! They rode bikes, had bike races, played water baseball & football, played with Buddy the dog, & played with the rocket launcher. We enjoyed lunch & my boys ate the cheese balls like they were going out of style! Thanks for a super, fun day Debby!

(Up, l to r) - Tarik, Brody, Alyssa, Garrett and Carter
(Down, l to r) - Nadia, Tanner, Logan, Alissa, Daniel, Matthew and Jacob
*photo swiped off Deb's blog. Hope you don't mind Deb!!

Here we are, one week later & we were back on the soccer fields. Tanner & Carter had their seeding tournaments today. From 8 am to 4 pm, we cheered the boys on. It was a little cooler today & their was even a warm breeze! Both teams did really well & took first place.

I can happily say that I am thrilled to be parked on my couch with the AC cranked. The boys are all showered/bathed & they smell clean again! We are looking forward to a night in!
Hope you are enjoying a lazy summer night too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carter has escaped a few haircuts this summer. Each & every time it was "his turn" to line up for a haircut, Carter would say "No thanks". He was firm about it too. He told us that he wanted to grow is hair out for his 1st soccer tournament of the season. What???

So, my cute 8 year old boy walks out of the bathroom looking like this yesterday!
Here is the soccer playing, rock star.

I had heard mention of a faux hawk for this tournament... but this is a full on Mohawk. I got a good chuckle out of his new style & am thankful he is a boy! One more haircut & we can take care of that hawk :-)!

We sat out in the 105 degree weather (in Folsom) for 5 hours today! It was hotter than HOT! Despite the heat, Carter had an awesome game. He scored two goals in the first game & was a great defensive player. It is so much fun to watch him play. The coach knows he can count on Carter to play his best wherever he plays on the field. They won their first game by 2 & lost their last by one goal. Way to go team Battle.

I am looking forward to the new soccer season but am not looking forward to the heat.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

they went...
they saw...
and they LOVED it!

John took Tanner & Carter to see the new Harry Potter movie. They had tickets for the 12:03 am showing. Tanner, being the Harry Potter fan that he is, was so excited to be sitting in the theatre on the day/morning :-) it was released. He has been talking about it for weeks. All three of them gave it two thumbs up. John did mention that there was not as much action in this movie as there was in the first few. They did not get home until 3 am.. I stayed home with the younger two boys & was happy to be in bed, asleep at that hour.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

not bad

I have noticed that my coupon shopping escapades have slowed down with the boys home & on summer vacation. I hit Walgreens this morning & this is what I scored:

2 pkgs. of tab dividers
3 pkgs. of glue sticks(6 sticks total)
2 pkgs. of mechanical pencils
2 boxes of Crayola markers
4 Smelly pencils(root beer, bubble gum, strawberry)
1 pkg.of toilet paper.

With the combination of Walgreens coupons & Register Rewards, I paid a whopping $1.37
for everything. Not pictured, but scored this morning(for free) were 3 bottles of Listerine mouth wash. Those were on sale, 3 for $9. I had 3, $2.00 off coupons. That brought my total to $3.00. For buying those 3 items , I received a $3.00 Register reward. I used that $3.00 reward towards those school supplies mentioned above.

I am so glad that the boys school sent home the "back to school" supply list during the last week of school. I have been slowly gathering their supplies as I see things go on sale. I refuse to be one of those Moms shopping @ Target or Wal*Mart the night before school starts. If you are wanting some awesome deals on school supplies, check out the in store ad @ Walgreens & CVS/Longs. Or, as usual, you can always check out the Abundant Food Saving site for Laina's deals/scenarios!

Happy back to school shopping!

Friday, July 10, 2009

too funny not to share...

Today was cow appreciation day at Chick- Fil-A. If you dressed up like a cow(yes, you read that right) you received your meal for FREE. Your meal included a sandwich, fries, & a drink with free refills. We decided to head down to our local chick-Fil-A on John's lunch break. I am so glad I have a husband who can & does humor me on a daily basis. The boys & I had fun tearing our cow spots. The Chick-Fil-A website had cow ears & noses that you could print & cut out. It was a hoot & hey, we figured we would have spent about $35.00 on lunch, had we not dressed up. We really enjoyed our lunch break today...they even had the cow spotted carpet rolled out for their guests.

A few more pictures for your giggling pleasure. I think the ears were the best kids did not agree. I used packing tape to make them stick to their little faces. We can't forget about the cow noses...we didn't exactly cut along the dotted lines -LOL! You can't even see Garrett's cute face.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My top 40

I found this on another blog. I think it is a great "ALL ABOUT ME" topic to blog about. It will be fun to look back in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc... & see how my taste in music may have changed over the years. This top 40 list reminds me of this past year & the things I was into & loving. For example, this list reminds me that I saw WICKED for the first time this year. I saw it,fell in love with it, & then ran home & downloaded the whole soundtrack. This Top 40 list shows me that I am still enjoying a mix of music from my friend, Kinsey. She made me a CD of all the songs that would have made the cut if she were in charge of the Twilight soundtracks :-). Thanks Kins, I am still listening to those songs. This Top 40 list reminds me that I enjoy a wide range of music. This Top 40 list reminds me of how much I LOVE music. It is the soundtrack of my life.

I will document the next 40 RANDOM songs that pop up on my ipod and challenge you to do this on your blog...just for fun!

And NO have to write down the next 40 random shuffle songs that pop up. For this challenge, turn your entire ipod library on shuffle, push play and then push forward and that will be song #1 on your list!! Good times...just for fun!!! HAPPY LISTENING!!! If you want to do it quickly, you can do the next 10 instead of

Let me know if you play along, I'd love to peek at your list. I am always on the look out for new music. Here is what you can find me listening to on my ipod when I hit shuffle :-)!

1. What About Now? - Daughtry

2. A Sentimental man - WICKED Soundtrack

3. Fools Gold - Katie Herzig

4. The Prayer - Bloc Party

5. Separate Ways - Journey

6. Sweeter than This - Katie Herzig

7. Ask the Lonely - Journey

8. Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation

9. Thank Goodness - WICKED Soundtrack

10. The Way I Are - Timbaland

11. Infinity - Inara George

12. Finale - WICKED Soundtrack

13. I Wanna Make you Close Your Eyes - Dierks Bentley

14. Home - Blake Shelton

15. Happy Ending - Sugarland

16. Love Me Like the Worlds Ending - Ben Lee

17. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

18. Upside Down - Jack Johnson

19. Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

20. One Step at a Time - Jordin Sparks

21. Cry - Mandy Moore

22. My Little Girl - Tim McGraw

23. I'm not that Girl - WICKED Soundtrack

24. Just Dance - Lady GaGa

25. Ordinary Day - Emilie Mover

26. Not Even Closse - Katie Herzig

27. House Fire - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

28. The Ends Not Near - Band of Horses

29. When the Stars Go Blue - Tim Mcgraw

30. For Good = WICKED Soundtrack

31. Birds & Bees - Ben Lee

32. Don't Stop the Music - Rhianna

33. Breathe Me - Sia

34. Popular - WICKED Soundtrack

35. Spotlight - Mute Math

36. Ask the Lonely - Journey

37. Beat It - Michael Jackson

38. Rest of my Life - Michelle Featherstone

39. Clumsy - Fergie

40. Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Saturday, July 4, 2009

celebrating the 4th

I love the 4th of July! The colors just make me happy. I love to drive around town & see all of the flags waving proudly in the sky. I am very grateful for the freedom I enjoy as an American. I am very grateful for those great men & women who serve/have served to protect those very freedoms. Grateful for a holiday that reminds me to remember & appreciate this great land that we live in.
We spent the day in San Jose with family. Here ae a few highlights from our Independence Day.

We started the morning off by picking up some fire works. We are still amazed(even 6 1/2 years later) that you can purchase fire works here. There are stands, literally on every corner. You don't see this in San Jose so I had to snap a picture of John waiting in line.

The 4th of July festivities were held @ my parents house this year. My boys were so excited to see their cousins. They sure do have a great time playing together. They played all day long, moving from one activity to the next.

First up, the slip n slide. I think they spent a good chunk of the day enjoying the slip n slide.

Then the kids(and some adults, Sommer & my Grandma) enjoyed the cake walk on the drive way.

Carter enjoying his Cake Walk winnings!

Up next, was the water balloon volleyball. I have to get those pictures from my sister. We let the kids start the volleyball game off. It lasted for about, oh two minutes(as we knew it would). That game quickly turned into a HUGE water balloon fight. The entire family got into it, whether you wanted to or not :-). This photo is blurry but I love it. This is my Mom throwing a water balloon at me-LOL!

My Mom, Dad, Carter & I filled a ton of water balloons for the party. Once the whole family got in on the water fight, those balloons went fast. Once the balloons were gone, the kids started resorting to the buckets & boys.

Chuck & Bandi thought they could avoid the water if they hung out on the kids toys-LOL!

**Warning, lots of pictures coming! It is so hard to narrow down all of my photos, they all become my favorites.

First up, my Grandma & Grandpa Shore. I love these two faces. They are the most amazing, caring people you will EVER meet!

John & Brody. Be still my heart. You can just feel the love between them!

The boy cousins drying off in the sunshine!

My Mom & her brother, Uncle Wade.

My cousin, Kerstin & myself

Sommer, Me, Kerstin & Amber

Our cute boys

Her are all of the cousins. Do you know how hard it is to get a shot like this -LOL?

We ended the night with Sparklers in the front yard. We were a little bummed this year. One of our favorite 4th of July traditions was canceled this year due to budget cuts. The city of San Jose did not have their annual fireworks display, BOO! We were able to enjoy the Milpitas fireworks from the freeway on our ride home. We sure are thankful for another fun holiday spent with family!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Of all places...

to find another happy quote for my side bar. I found this great quote on the packaging of the Daisy sour cream container at the dinner table tonight -LOL. The new quote reads:
"Little acts of kindness can add up to a lifetime of happiness".
I love this & truly believe it!

Speaking of little acts of kindness, look what John & I received in the mail this week.

My ever so thoughtful friend, Free sent these items in a sweet little package to John & myslef. First off, I loved the beautiful hand made cards that she created. She not only created a card for me, but one for John too. She wrote us each a sweet note. While she was visiting with us in June, John had mentioned that the violin was his favorite instrument(he took lessons as a child). She sent him a Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra CD for his car ride to & from work. For me, she included a darling little Trendy Trees stamp set from Stampin' Up. I love it & can't wait to play with them. Thanks for the sweet little act of Kindness, Free. You made our week! We love you!

Take a minute this next week & see if someone you know (or maybe even a complete stranger) could use a little, simple act of kindness from you!