Tuesday, July 14, 2009

not bad

I have noticed that my coupon shopping escapades have slowed down with the boys home & on summer vacation. I hit Walgreens this morning & this is what I scored:

2 pkgs. of tab dividers
3 pkgs. of glue sticks(6 sticks total)
2 pkgs. of mechanical pencils
2 boxes of Crayola markers
4 Smelly pencils(root beer, bubble gum, strawberry)
1 pkg.of toilet paper.

With the combination of Walgreens coupons & Register Rewards, I paid a whopping $1.37
for everything. Not pictured, but scored this morning(for free) were 3 bottles of Listerine mouth wash. Those were on sale, 3 for $9. I had 3, $2.00 off coupons. That brought my total to $3.00. For buying those 3 items , I received a $3.00 Register reward. I used that $3.00 reward towards those school supplies mentioned above.

I am so glad that the boys school sent home the "back to school" supply list during the last week of school. I have been slowly gathering their supplies as I see things go on sale. I refuse to be one of those Moms shopping @ Target or Wal*Mart the night before school starts. If you are wanting some awesome deals on school supplies, check out the in store ad @ Walgreens & CVS/Longs. Or, as usual, you can always check out the Abundant Food Saving site for Laina's deals/scenarios!

Happy back to school shopping!


Debby said...

Wow Raimi! You are the smart-shopping queen...

Betsey said...

Seriously you are my coupon hero! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

How would you or your friend Laina like to give a class on how to save a ton with coupons for Enrichment? Let me know.

Lisa P.

Tifferbob said...

I love that website! I look at her website at least twice a day.

Awesome score girl!