Saturday, July 4, 2009

celebrating the 4th

I love the 4th of July! The colors just make me happy. I love to drive around town & see all of the flags waving proudly in the sky. I am very grateful for the freedom I enjoy as an American. I am very grateful for those great men & women who serve/have served to protect those very freedoms. Grateful for a holiday that reminds me to remember & appreciate this great land that we live in.
We spent the day in San Jose with family. Here ae a few highlights from our Independence Day.

We started the morning off by picking up some fire works. We are still amazed(even 6 1/2 years later) that you can purchase fire works here. There are stands, literally on every corner. You don't see this in San Jose so I had to snap a picture of John waiting in line.

The 4th of July festivities were held @ my parents house this year. My boys were so excited to see their cousins. They sure do have a great time playing together. They played all day long, moving from one activity to the next.

First up, the slip n slide. I think they spent a good chunk of the day enjoying the slip n slide.

Then the kids(and some adults, Sommer & my Grandma) enjoyed the cake walk on the drive way.

Carter enjoying his Cake Walk winnings!

Up next, was the water balloon volleyball. I have to get those pictures from my sister. We let the kids start the volleyball game off. It lasted for about, oh two minutes(as we knew it would). That game quickly turned into a HUGE water balloon fight. The entire family got into it, whether you wanted to or not :-). This photo is blurry but I love it. This is my Mom throwing a water balloon at me-LOL!

My Mom, Dad, Carter & I filled a ton of water balloons for the party. Once the whole family got in on the water fight, those balloons went fast. Once the balloons were gone, the kids started resorting to the buckets & boys.

Chuck & Bandi thought they could avoid the water if they hung out on the kids toys-LOL!

**Warning, lots of pictures coming! It is so hard to narrow down all of my photos, they all become my favorites.

First up, my Grandma & Grandpa Shore. I love these two faces. They are the most amazing, caring people you will EVER meet!

John & Brody. Be still my heart. You can just feel the love between them!

The boy cousins drying off in the sunshine!

My Mom & her brother, Uncle Wade.

My cousin, Kerstin & myself

Sommer, Me, Kerstin & Amber

Our cute boys

Her are all of the cousins. Do you know how hard it is to get a shot like this -LOL?

We ended the night with Sparklers in the front yard. We were a little bummed this year. One of our favorite 4th of July traditions was canceled this year due to budget cuts. The city of San Jose did not have their annual fireworks display, BOO! We were able to enjoy the Milpitas fireworks from the freeway on our ride home. We sure are thankful for another fun holiday spent with family!


Stephanie said...

Wow! Looks like a wonderful day with the family. Glad you had fun!

lorelie said...

That looks like the best 4th of July weekend ever - aside from the lack of a firework display (boo budget cuts!). I love that you are so good at posting. It makes me feel like I'm with you all of the time...& that puts a smile on my face.

Lisa said...

Raimi, I love the shot of the flag and the slip-n-slide! Great job! You have inspired me!!!

Happy 4th! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

katie said...

Love the pictures of everyone! Back to reality now.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the whole family! Hi Amber..Hi Sandy...The fourth of July always looks like so much fun. Wish I could have been there for the water balloon fight. Love, love those! Glad to see all of you!
Love, Free

Kathy and Jerry said...

So fun to keep up on your family through your blog. All the cousins are so cute. Your mom and dad produced one great gene pool!