Friday, July 24, 2009

week in review...picture style

I can't believe a week has passed since my last post. After a crazy weekend(last Saturday) of soccer games, I was happy to just stay close to home & relax on Monday! I was able to sleep in till 8 am. Yes folks, in my world, that is sleeping in!
Instead of trying to recap everything, I thought I would post our week in review...picture style & a few thoughts.


We have been enjoying these on a daily basis. When it is 100 degrees plus, these are a must, in BULK.

we were able to enjoy a quick breakfast with my Mom, Grandma & Grandpa Shore & Aunt Carla! We had homemade waffles topped off with whip cream & fresh strawberries.

We don't get many visits from family so we take them when we can get them(we were a pit stop on their trip home from Utah)! It was nice to visit with them. The boys loved showing off for them.

We escaped the heat again & headed to Tahoe! It was a FUN day playing in the water, riding on the boat & hanging out with friends!

We have spent a ton of time in the water this week. Whether it's been water balloon fights out front, swimming with friends, cooling off in Lake Tahoe, or just running through the sprinklers...the boys have loved cooling off.

Our friends,the LaPortes(AKA The HILL people) invited us up to their house for a day of fun! They live in Foresthill & have an incredible backyard. Lots of room for the kids to play...and play they did! They rode bikes, had bike races, played water baseball & football, played with Buddy the dog, & played with the rocket launcher. We enjoyed lunch & my boys ate the cheese balls like they were going out of style! Thanks for a super, fun day Debby!

(Up, l to r) - Tarik, Brody, Alyssa, Garrett and Carter
(Down, l to r) - Nadia, Tanner, Logan, Alissa, Daniel, Matthew and Jacob
*photo swiped off Deb's blog. Hope you don't mind Deb!!

Here we are, one week later & we were back on the soccer fields. Tanner & Carter had their seeding tournaments today. From 8 am to 4 pm, we cheered the boys on. It was a little cooler today & their was even a warm breeze! Both teams did really well & took first place.

I can happily say that I am thrilled to be parked on my couch with the AC cranked. The boys are all showered/bathed & they smell clean again! We are looking forward to a night in!
Hope you are enjoying a lazy summer night too!


erin said...

Love the photo recap. I feel like we live in parallel worlds!

Debby said...

Great week in review! were very busy last week. Hope you can enjoy some quiet, downtime this upcoming week. Probably not too likely with those beautiful, busy boys of yours...

Stephanie said...

what a FUN week! Ours was pretty quiet compared, with T's stitches and my illness. Here's to a new week!!

Anonymous said...


Your week in review does not include any pictures of you!! Get those grown up boys to put Mommy back in the pictures!

Love You-


Annie said...

wow! glad you guys are enjoying the heat too. and don't worry, no one ever shows up at our house unannounced either! we live in no mans land i guess!! love the pictures:)

katie said...

Love summer days! As for our otter-pop stand, it was fabulous. We sold about 80 otterpops in an hour and a half and made just over fifteen dollars. It helps that we live on a street that does get a lot of traffic and that my YW showed up. We sold them for ten cents each. They're dying to do it again! Just bought another box the other day. Hopefully this weekend.

Lisa said...

looks like a fun week!! I love surprise visits and those waffles looked yummy, my favorite!