Saturday, August 1, 2009

a summer tradition

Our summer would not be complete without a visit from the cousins. Malakai, Kannon, & Jace came to stay with us for a few days! What's a few more boys? It is a yearly tradition that we look forward to. The boys always have so much fun together. I was online looking for fun activities to create with all of the boys while they were here. I found recipes for things like "Make your own slime" & sidewalk paint. They kept themselves so busy this year that we didn't get to any of that. They had a great time. I enjoyed watching them play, laugh, wrestle & behave like a bunch of energetic boys.

I met my sister in Fairfield(the half way point) on Wednesday to grab the boys.

We headed home with a packed car. The music was bumping :-)! Tanner has become quite the backseat DJ. He is always making sure that I have the music loud enough & that all of the songs are appropriate :-)! It was fun to listen to them belt out the songs they love. We made it home & enjoyed a yummy taco dinner. After dinner we headed to the FOUNTAINS to get frozen yogurt at BIG SPOON. The boys LOVE BIG SPOON. You create your own...yogurt, toppings & all.

While enjoying our Yogurt, we headed over to the Fountains to enjoy the music & watch the colorful fountains squirt water to the beat of the music.

Gee, do you think these boys have Moms who take photos -LOL?
I told them I wanted to take a picture of them & this is how they posed :-)

We started our Thursday off with waffles, strawberries, & whip cream. Each time I made breakfast, lunch or dinner, I felt like I was feeding a small army.

We enjoyed the cement slides today. I was happy to see last years grafitti was gone. Thank you, city of Roseville.

Brody was big enough to ride down on the cardboard all by himself. He was all smiles each time he slid down.

The slides wore the boys out. They spent an hour running up the stairs & sliding down. There were many competitive races down when the older boys were sliding. We LOVE this park & need to remember to visit it more often.

After the slides, we went home & the boys kept themselves busy with baseball games out front, many rounds of the card game SPEED, water balloon fights, & even some down time.

For dinner, we picked up some pizza & headed over to the local water park. Do you sense a theme of the cousin visit? I let these boys play hard all day so they'll sleep really well @ night :-). It seems to work in my favor at the end of the day.

We ended the night with a silly string war in the front yard.

We spent Friday at Lake Tahoe with our family & friends! We had so much fun! The boys caught crayfish by the bucketfuls, they played football in the lake, they swam, built a few sand castles,had their lunch on the shore & they went boogie boarding. Not the kind of boogie boarding like we enjoy in the ocean, but none the less, they called in boogie boarding & had a blast.

Whew!!! I am tired just typing about our activities over the last three days. The boys went home this morning, bright & early. We loved having them. We are already looking forward to next summer when the cousins can visit again.

I am exhausted & need a nap. See ya!


Debby said...

Great pics Raimi! Looks like ALOT of fun...good times with family!

Stephanie said...

I may just send over my boys for this fun summer tradtion! What's 4 more boys, right?? No wonder your nephews love coming to your house: what wonderful memories!

erin said...

You are the best, Raimi! Such a fun mom and a great sport! I love have older boys! It is so fun when they can completely entertain themselves with their cousins and friends. We loved the cement slides. We used to go there often w/ Amy and the cousins when we all lived there. Sadly, I never took a single picture. Great job!

Kristen said... are such a rockin' boy mama! That sounds like it was a ton of fun. Where are those cement slides? I'm so gonna take my boys have I not heard of them?

The Packer 5 said...

Looks like so much fin! Where are those cement slideS?

Raejean said...

Cousins are so much fun! I love it when my kids can get together with their cousins. I wish I was as good at entertaining as you are!!!

Lisa said...

Looks like a great time! I'm glad you were able to squeeze that in before school, I know you both had busy summers. Great memories! I bet you slept good after that.

katie said...

The boys look like they had a ball! And just because....$21.40 at last fridays otter-pop stand. Two hours long. They are "soooooo rich" according to them!

katie said...

The boys look like they had a ball! And just because....$21.40 at last fridays otter-pop stand. Two hours long. They are "soooooo rich" according to them!