Friday, August 7, 2009

Slime Time

Who knew homemade slime could bring so much joy & laughter into our home & to my boys? I seriously have not heard Garrett giggle so hard & loud in a long time! He loved trying to see how long he could get his slime to go! It was simple & very inexpensive to make. I have enough starch left over to make a 100 more bags of the gooey stuff :-) !You can find glue for super cheap right now!

Here are the step by step directions, with photos of course :-).


-liquid starch
-food coloring
-Ziploc bags(sandwich bags worked great)

Step One:

Pour 1/4 c. of your liquid starch & 3 drops of your color of choice into Ziploc bag.
Seal & mix well!

Step two:

Add 1/4 c. of glue to your starch & food coloring mixture.
Seal bag & mix.

Step three:
You will find that you have excess liquid. Simply remove your slime from the bag & put it into a new bag & continued to mix well. If it is still too wet, try one more clean Ziploc bag.

Step four:

Enjoy your slime. See how long you can stretch it. See how many funny noises you can get it to make.

{Yes, they are standing on the table. This was a one time deal :-)}

Step Five:
Sit back & watch your children laugh & giggle & ask when they can make some more!


Raejean said...

My kids have always wanted to make this. I didn't realize it was so easy. I'll have to find the starch stuff and try it out one of these days!

Stephanie said...

How fun! I think that's the stuff T brought home from preschool and I didn't know it. The next thing I DID know: it was stuck in the carpet, stained my couch, and stuck/stained my window-sill. He was COMPLETELY unsupervised, which was the problem. So, if I could supervise it, I'd have no problem with it because that looks like fun. And the thought of hearing super giggles would make it worth it in my book!

Raimi said...

Raejean, I found the liquid starch @ Wal*Mart.

Steph, I remember your awful experience with this stuff. My boys know they can play with it @ the table or in the yard, that is it! They have been pretty good with it so far. We just have to remember to keep it up high, out of Brody' reach :-)! They really did have a great time making it & playing with it!

Mamarazzi said...

soooooooooo cool! I am going to make this with my nephews NOW!! i have them for 10 days...wooop wooop Camp Vasquez y'all! Today we are having our Happy Un-Birthday celebration and crafts this will fit in nicely...AND i have everything to make it in my garage! SWEEEEET!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Raimi, John, Tanner, Carter, Garrett and Brody-

Been gone for a few days and just came back and of course checked your blog!! I have missed A LOT of activity at your address!:)

Glad to see the cousins gathering and yes here we are and another summer has passed..too quickly.

Love to all of you!