Monday, August 10, 2009

the boys are back in town... uummm I mean "SCHOOL"

It's true, it was back to school for our boys today! Our house was buzzing last night as the boys laid out their new school clothes, packed their backpacks & looked for the bike lock keys...that is a whole other story...we're not going there tonight!

The yearly photo of the boys school clothes. Tanner did this the night before he started kindergarten & it has become the tradition.
*Take note, Garrett has his underwear laid out right where he would wear them. Carter is a little more modest this year, they are tucked into his shorts. You can't see Tanner's, he is on to his Mom & the whole blog/picture thing -LOL!

We put the boys to bed @ 8:30 last night & it took them another hour to fall asleep! They were so excited for today. Here are a few shots from our morning!

The yearly photo shoot out on the front porch is a must. The children are asked to bring flowers for their teacher. Each flowere represents each child & the diversity of the classroom! It is a fun tradition that my boys make sure we don't forget.

Brody did not want to be left out. We couldn't get him to stay out of the pictures. It was pretty cute. He even carried a flower to school like the big boys.

Seriously, he was not going to be left out of anything. Here he is showing us what grade he is going into.

Here is "Mr. big man on campus" himself. Tanner is now a 5th grader! Where did my baby boy go?

Here is Mr. Carter. Ready or not 3rd he comes!

And this cute boy started kindergarten today! I held it together really well until the little boy in line, next to us started to cry. I lost it when his Mom started to cry. Thank goodness for sunglasses :-). I am so excited for Garrett & this new adventure in his life. He was all smiles & so happy to be there. He has a super teacher & we couldn't be happier for him.

I anxiously waited for the boys to get home today. I wanted to hear all about their first day of school. Garrett had a great time. He told us he got to see the library, computer & music rooms. Tanner & Carter bolted into the house saying that they had the nicest teachers EVER!. I can rest easy, the new school year is off to a great start.


Julie said...

thats great and it sounds like good new year for school.

Stephanie said...

I'm SO glad to hear that your boys had a great first day of school. LOVE the pictures! One more year and you can send off Brody to preschool!!!!

erin said...

I always love that first day of school. It's always a mix of nerves and excitement in the morning, relaxation in mid-day, and relief when they come home in the afternoon having had a great day. Your boys look so handsome and grown-up.

katie said...

Darling boys! We start in two weeks and I think I'm ready. I need routine again. Just got a letter today from the school and Jenna's 1st grade teacher is going to be my mom and dad's neighbor across the street. We all grew up with her kids. I'm more than thrilled!

Laurie said...

First day was mixed emotions for me. I am so happy they get to learn and grow, so lonely that Rebekah was gone. Day two and I did not cry - but did get teary...

Cute boys! Can you belive Tanner and Jacob are in their last year of Elementary school?

Lisa said...

great pictures!! The boys look so happy. We love Ms. Lunn!!! Brody is too cute!!!

Now It's Just Camie... said...

I love that going back to school is always so excited. Your little guys looked cute. Thanks for helping out with Sam while I was away :) - you are the best.