Thursday, August 6, 2009

where has our summer gone?

Seriously...we are just days away from the boys going back to school. Tanner will be starting 5th grade. Carter is going into the 3rd grade & Mr. Garrett will be starting kindergarten! I can't believe he is old enough for kindergarten! I can't believe it will just be Brody & me during the morning hours of our days! Life is changing way too fast & I'm not sure if I am ready! While we have had a nice, relaxing has been filled with all of the running around that takes place with going back to school. We have been shopping for school supplies (one of my favorite things to shop for-BTW), scoring some HOT deals. This was by far our best school supply deal, this week.

We picked up 45 pkgs. of binder paper for .45 cents. Yes, you read that right...45 cents. It was a super deal!

My friend Laina(the coupon queen) came and taught a coupon/money saving class for the ladies @ church. Thanks Laina! She inspired lots of my friends to jump on the coupon band wagon. So much so, that my friend Jan & I went on a little field trip to Walgreens. Jan wanted to see how to work the deals. My total, before coupons & Register Rewards was $41.00 and some change. After my coupons & RR's, my official total was $18.08. It gets even better. After I paid my $18.08, out pops $19.00 in RR. I left Walgreens last night, having made .92 cents. They paid me to buy those items last night. This is what I scored (minus two bottles of soap, 2 deodorants & 2 PB's that I gave Jan).

Besides getting ready for school, I have been trying to pull my house back together. This little box of goodies inspired me to at least get my scrapbook desk cleaned off. I am so ready to hunker down & create! These lovely goodies can all be found in one place. They are from the July Green Tangerines Kit Club. These kits are still available but I am guessing not for long. You can call the store at 916-771-8010(tell them Raimi sent you & that I say HI) & they will even ship it to you. You don't wanna miss this kit! The colors are yummy & perfect for all of your summer day photos.

We are excited for the weekend even though the weather has put a damper on our Tahoe plans. We will stay close to home & enjoy the cool weather here. The boys are looking forward to finding out who their teachers are tomorrow night. I am excited for them. The anticiaption is killing all of us!

How about you, are you excited for school to be starting?


Now It's Just Camie... said...

i can't believe how fast summer flew by either - good times but I am ready for a little less daytime chaos!

Morgan said...

School doesn't start for us until the 20th, but I can't wait! My kids don't get the excitement of finding out who their teachers are - at the small school across the street there is only one class per grade and the teachers stick with the same grade every year, so there is no element of surprise in that arena. Would your friend come and teach a coupon class to me???

Debby said...

Great deals, Raimi! I am still totally impressed by your savvy bargains. We start school on the 19th, but I go back on the 17th. Enjoy the last few days with the boys at home...take care!
Love, Deb

p.s. I have been scrappin' alot at home lately and am almost done with 2008 - yeah!

Stephanie said...

I completely agree: summer FLEW by! I will actually miss my boys, but I am also looking forward to having a bit of time to myself. I cannot keep the house clean with all of these boys home! It's impossible! We'll probably see you over at the school this evening =)

Lisa said...

Raimi, I think, that as the organizer for our scrapbook weekend in Feb, you should teach us how to score all those wonderful deals! tee hee hee A little outing to the local Walgreen's in Bodega? I admire your shopping savvy!!!!

Meridee said...

I wish I was shopping with my two favorite gals!