Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Belated Anniversary date

Such a fun night! John and I hit the Maroon 5 concert...anniversary date/present that was just  a few weeks  late! I love stretching anniversaries, holidays, birthdays out...making them last a tad bit longer.

The weather could not have been better. I think I am in love with outdoor Fall concerts in Northern California! My date was perfect :)... 17 years later and he still makes me smile.  Dinner was easy...our favorite sandwiches from Bel Air...the Santa Cruz sandwich. The opening act Rozzi Crane was great...minus one song. Kelly Clarkson was amazing! I have always  liked her songs but she is not someone I would have been dying to see. She surprised me. She sounded amazing, had lots of energy and was really down to earth and funny.
 Maroon 5 did not disappoint. I have loved them since their very first album and even more with their come back a few years ago. Their energy was insane and they too, sounded amazing. I think they are better LIVE! The lighting and graphics were awesome and the ton of confetti that came streaming down towards the end was FUN!

 I was getting worried because they had left the stage, the concert was over and they had not sung/performed my favorite Maroon 5 song. Not gonna lie, there was a little bit of panic! Now we all now that most bands will come out for an encore, which they did! The 1st song they came back and sang was still not my all time fave but the 2nd one was. YAY! Adam Levine and  (on guitar) did an acoustic version of  SHE WILL BE LOVED and they had the audience participate! one word, okay two...Incredible and Happy!
* photos from my friend Brenda H. and Kylie R.. Thank you!