Thursday, October 3, 2013

High School Football

This was a first for our family. We were kind of surprised when Tanner announced that he was going to play high school football. This is our child who has lived and breathed soccer for the last 10 years of his life. This is the boy, when asked what he wanted to be/do when he grew up, his answer was always a "professional soccer player." It shocked us because football and soccer are at the same time and he really was making the choice to play football instead of soccer. He attended a football camp over the Summer. He worked hard. It is rare for a high school-er who hasn't ever played football to get any playing time. Tanner has played in every single game and has quite a bit of playing time. He has worked hard and has earned his spot. He is loving it and it learning a ton. these photos are from the game against Placer. Woodcreek won and Tanner even had a touchdown. His first touchdown of his high school career1 It was so exciting! Aunt Kristina, Aunt Heidi and Sasha were there to witness that touchdown.
Our # 11.
  The big smile after the touchdown.