Saturday, June 30, 2012

I can't let June slip by without mentioning Garrett's baptism. Garrett has been waiting for this day, all year long. Garrett was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today. In our church, they wait until the children are 8 years old before they baptize them. This way, the children are ready. They understand what is going on and they are at an age of accountability. Garrett had a smile on his face the entire day! Here is a picture of Garrett and Daddy! He was lucky to have his Dad baptize and confirm him today!
Garrett and Mommy :-). I am so proud of Garrett's choice to be baptized.
There were a couple of baptisms today. We were able to set up a little table to highlight Garrett. I made a sign in page (for his scrapbook) for our family and friends to write Garrett a little note. We made some yummy popcorn(recipe coming) for them all to take home.
It really was a special day for Garrett. We are very thankful for the family and friends who were there to support him on his big day! You mean the world to Garrett and to our entire family!
After his baptism, we all headed to Costa Vida for lunch! YUM!!! It was fun to visit and enjoy everyone for a little bit longer.
Shortly after arriving home, we were happy to have this cute face greet us at the door. Tanner had been at Scout Camp for the entire week! I am so happy to have my entire family under one roof again! It was a great week for everyone!