Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hair Dying PAR-TAY!

Carter found out earlier this month that he made the 11 year old All Star team. He was/is super thrilled. He had such an amazing experince last year and is hoping for a repeat. Part of being on the All Star squad is dying your hair. It is tradition and the entire team does it! We met over at our friends, the Siskas and got the boys blonde on. Here is Carter, right before.
Here we are applying the first round of bleach. There is no going back at this point!
2nd round of bleach and the last. Carter said his scalp was burning-eeeeekkk!
And we wait!
It worked. We now have one very blonde little basbeall player.
Let the All Star games begin! Go Woodcreek!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carter-
I remember when my daughter first did this!! She was 13. Her dad didn't like it but I said no big deal...it will grow back. And guess what..it did!!! She still likes to play with color but now it's usually black.