Friday, October 30, 2009

Harvest Party

Today was Tanner's Fall Harvest party, formally known as a Halloween Party. We have to be so PC now that we can't call these things what they really are. I am the party planner (aka room Mom) for Tanner's 5th grade class this year.

We decorated sugar cookies. We made crafts. They had their choice of a bat, mummy or pumpkin. I found the pattern for the bat online but needed something that was so not Halloweenish, but more Fall to stay with in the PC guidelines. My super talented friend, Mer, created a pumpkin template for me. Thanks Mer! They wrapped either their mummy, bat, or pumpkin around a full sized Hershey bar. I had to a make a deal with them though. The deal was that they would not eat the candy bar at school since they had had sugar cookies, juice & doughnuts :-).

The kids enjoyed a doughnut eating contest. They had to kneel on the ground, with their hands behind their back & get the doughnut off the string & into their mouth w/out it falling onto the ground. It is harder that it sounds. Only 4 kids were able to accomplish this task...Tanner being one of them. I am still waiting for those photos. They also had a chance to guess how many candy corn were in the jars.

We had a great time. Several kids told the teacher that is was the BEST party they had ever had at school. That made all of the time & prep work that was put into the 40 minute party, all worth it.


Lisa said...

OMG! LOVE the craft with the bats, mummy's and pumpkins! Super cute!