Friday, October 16, 2009

Coyote of the Month

We are so proud of Carter. He received the COYOTE OF THE MONTH award at school today. Mrs. Boelens had a lot of kind things to say about Carter. She mentioned that even when he missed a few days of school last week, he had completed all of his work & turned it in on time just so he wouldn't fall behind. She commended him for being on time to school & ready to work each day. She said that he is a trust worthy student & a good friend. As she was winding down her remarks about Carter, she said "I really could go on & on, all day about this student".
Keep up the awesome job, Carter!


Raejean said...

It's so great when kids are self-motivated about having good grades!

Debby said...

AWESOME! Congratulations, Carter!

erin said...

Carter is a reflection of his parents. You are an awesome mom!