Saturday, October 24, 2009

amazing race - couples addition

John & I got our game on tonight. Our friends, the Jones & Heaps planned a fun evening out, Amazing Race style.

We arrived at our starting point @ 6:29 pm. Once we arrived, we were put onto teams. We were paired up with our good friends, the Solanos. We started with a handicap right off the bat. We were down a couple(didn't make it due to lack of a babysitter at the last minute). Once everyone arrived, we were given a packet with our first clue & once we were told we could go...everyone ran for their cars. We competed against 4 other teams.

We had to stop for dinner & come up with a team name. Dinner could be anywhere. We stopped at the first place we saw...Taco Bell. We had to keep our receipt in order to obtain our next clue, exactly 20 minutes later.

We ended up with the team name V-8(powered by 8). Between the two couples(Solanos & us),we have 8 boys, hence our team name.
We ran all over town, finding our destinations/answers to our clues. Once we arrived at each destination, we then had to complete a challenge, as a team. A few of our challenges included:

Completing a puzzle of the world in a certain amount of time. (this is where that
3rd couple would have really been put to good use).

Up next, hitting the punching bag for so long(2 minutes). Doesn't sound bad, trust seemed like forever. If one of our team members stopped, we would of had to start over. Good thing we got it right the first time.

Then at the next stop, one of us had to dive into a 50 degree pool at 8 pm at night (the heat had been turned off) & dive for the Canadian penny. There were 19 American pennies in the pool & the ONE Canadian. John took that task on for our team & we were all so grateful. We had to shine flashlights in the water for him, attempting to help him find the ONE Canadian penny.

Next stop was Big Spoon Yogurt.

Our task at Big Spoon was to fill our Yogurt cup with 10 oz. of yogurt & then another cup that had 2 ounces of toppings. If you didn't get it right the first time, you had to get out of line & add more & then get back in line. Once you got the weight of each cup right, you had to eat your yogurt & toppings before moving on to the next challenge. Can you say brain freeze! Nothing like trying to down frozen yogurt under pressure :-).

Our last stop was the Jones house. We got to play ROCK BAND,the Beatles edition. We had John on the drums with Kristin & Fernando on the guitars. I attempted to sing to YELLOW SUBMARINE. We passed on our first try...whew

Then we had to run back to the Heaps for our final time. We didn't win 1st place but had a blast trying to do so.

We had so much FUN! John & I are still talking about it. We had so much fun with the Solano's. We couldn't have done it w/out Fernando's mad Porche driving skills :-)(we were in the min van BTW), navigation & good friends to laugh with along the way! Thanks K&F...We'll take the win next year :-)!

A HUGE thanks to Stephanie, Gerald, Julianne & Brad for putting a lot of time, energy & creativity into such a fabulous night out!

{Their hubby's had already gone by the time I had snapped this picture.}
Thank you so much for a fabulous date night...going down in the books as one of the best!


Annie said...

that sounds like so much fun!!! maybe we'll have to give that a whirl around here...maybe:)

Kerrie said...

What a fun night!

katie said...

Sounds so fun. One of my friends hosted an ALIAS night, after the t.v. show. She had three teams, all made up of a group of girls from her old ward, current ward, etc. It was a ball....running though Salt Lake wearing a Hijab being chased by my friend decked out in her hubby's cop gear, and waiting for Little Bo Peep to show up. I've never laughed so hard. Very creative brains!

Lisa said...

What a super fun date night! Your friends who thought this up are very creative! I'm going to share this with my Amazing Race friends here!

Stephanie said...

So glad you guys came and had fun! I enjoyed seeing your pictures of your adventures. Hopefully, John will forgive me for my pool idea! You guys are great sports =)

erin said...

How fun! This has inspired me. I have a 13th bday party to throw soon. Jack informed me he wants boys & girls this next time...... :) This might be perfect.

brandigirl said...

that is nothing short of amazing...i would love to get some notes for you...

Morgan said...

how fun!!! you guys have such fun people in your ward! not so much in our ward - or at least they aren't into getting together with us!

Raimi said...

ya that sounds so cool

Raimi said...

that sounds so cool
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