Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A New School Year

Today was the first day of school. I asked the boys to get their clothes & to lay them out last night. Wanted to make sure things ran smooth this morning. This is what I found in my room on the floor. Did you notice how Carter put his underwear in the right place (it still makes me giggle)? Tanner & Carter are so happy to be back at school. Tanner has Mr. Bishop & is one happy boy. It is the teacher he has hoped for all summer. He is the "COOL" third grade teacher. There are not very many male teachers at our school. Everyone wants/hopes for Mr. Bishop (even the girls). Carter has Mrs. Stevens, another happy child. Tanner had her two years ago for first grade. She is awesome & I am so thrilled for Carter. We attribute Tanner's strong reading ability to Mrs. Stevens & her teaching style. I am so happy for my boys. Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Garrett did better than we expected. There were no tears.


Anonymous said...

Still LOVE my boys! Remember I always said that at the store? Great music too!! This is fun.
Love, Free

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that your boys got the teachers that you all wanted! What a blessing that is! Joshua was so excited to see Carter @ recess today. Hope all is well.