Friday, August 24, 2007

And the winners are:

Congratulations to Shelly & Stephanie! The boys had fun picking our winners. We decided to draw two names (John's post didn't go into the drawing). Tanner & Carter each wanted to pick one. Thank you so much for ALL of the comments. Shelly, I will pop your prize in the mail. Stephanie, I will hand deliver your prize to your front door. It was fun to read what is making each of you happy. I appreciate each of you taking the time to post a comment, thank you! The comments give me little glimpses of your lives. I love that!!!! We'll do another drawing in the near future. Stay tuned & have a great weekend.


Stephanie said...

Yeah!! I won! Thank you. And, thanks for letting me steal Garrett today -- he and T had so much fun together. Made my day better, too!

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks! I'm excited! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

This was such a great idea! Loved seeing them drawing the names. I still get a lump in my throat quite often when I click on their little faces. I miss you guys!!
Love, Free