Saturday, November 17, 2007

Soccer Saturday

This will be the last soccer Saturday post until next season. We enjoyed Tanner & Carter's last games of the season today!Both teams finished the season undefeated-WOOT -WOOT! The DYNOMITE team rocked the field! We were short a few players so most of them played the entire game. They were tired but did really well. The final score was 4 to 0. Carter scored three goals today. The other teams parents/coaches kept telling their players to watch out for & to stay on #21 (that would be Carter). Tanner did not feel good today. He insisted on playing his last game. He defended the goal for a while & did well. He kept the other team from scoring. He was not in full force today but tried his hardest. He scored a goal & the SWORDS ended up winning 2 to 0. We are so proud of our boys & of all of the boys on both teams! We love to watch them on the field.

P.S. I love Carter's red soccer cleats. I can find him anywhere on the field. Red is still his favorite color. A boy after my own heart!