Thursday, November 8, 2007

This ones for the GIRLS

I had many titles for this post running thru my mind. I am settling on this one! Min hosted a fun farewell brunch/visit to see Lorelie off. They will be moving in a few short days. Min is the hostess with the mostess. We all know that there will be a feast waiting for us. She made her YUMMY egg rolls, lettuce wraps etc... thanks Min. We all know not to eat before we come. It was a fun morning just visiting & enjoying one another. It makes me sad to see their family moving. But at the same time I am so HAPPY for them. It sure will be nice for all of them to be in the SAME state, at the same time again. They are such a sweet family who will be missed terribly. We wish you all of the bet Lor & are looking forward to family updates.


Stephanie said...

That was so nice to visit today. Min always does a great job hosting. I'm sad to see Lorelie and her family go, too. You did great taking all of the photos today. Have a good one!

katie said...

I enjoy getting together with the girls. However, it really ticks me off when one of them thinks she's needs to move away. By chance is she moving to sandy, utah?