Sunday, November 4, 2007

Give Away & the # 2,323

It is time for another fun give away! I am not sure what I am giving away, but it will be fun! Are you ready to play? Here is a little fun fact/tidbit about my life right now.

Here are your choices.

a. Raimi has taken 2,323 pictures in 2007.
b. Raimi has $2,323.00 in her checking acct. as of Nov. 1.
c. Raimi has 2,323 pieces of 12 x 12 pattern paper.
d. Raimi took 2, 323 steps on Friday.
e. Raimi sends out 2,323 Christmas cards each year.
f. Raimi puts 2, 323 ornaments on her Christmas tree.

Those who post the correct answer, your names will be put in a bowl & my boys will draw a winner (or two) on Wednesday. Have a happy Monday!

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katie said...

MY guess is C. Everything else sounds too fishy.

katie said...'s monday night and I'm really happy that i'm the only one who's guessed so far. Hopefully people won't see it and I'll win!

Anonymous said...

my guess is #1 the pictures taken!! wish me luck! rhonda

Stephanie said...

Somehow I missed this blog entry earlier. Even if the drawing's over, I'd still like to guess. I think it's "a", the # of pictures.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the number of steps.

Lisa P.