Tuesday, November 20, 2007


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, these are the things I am THANKFUL for today (items in no particular order).
1. A hubby who can fix his own car when it breaks down(sure saves us money).

2. The stranger who loaned the above hubby a phone because he forgot his cell phone.

3. The beautiful Fall leaves (I love the orange, red, & yellow tones) on all of the trees around town.

4. Friends who are willing to step in & help you out with your calling when they know you need it.

5. A washer & dryer

6. The phone that allows me to connect with family who doesn't live close by.

7. Mail from friends & family. Makes me happy to think that they thought of us.

8. My family

9. My home

10. The fun holidays that are fast approaching.

11. Christmas music

12. I am happy that black Friday is this week. I am thankful for sales & good shopping :).

There are lots of things to be thankful for today & every day of the year.
What are you grateful/thankful for today? Have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Are you one of those crazy people that will be camping out waiting for the stores to open on Friday?:)
I was at Kohl's today and they will be open at 4AM on Friday. Crazy!


Raimi said...

I won't be camping out but i will be leaving my house @ 4:30 am. I used to be able to drag John out with me before we had children. Now he has an excuse to stay in bed :). I love the day after Thanksgiving.

katie said...

I love the day after Thanksgiving too. However, Mike has always worked. I just need to be home by 7:20a.m. Today I'm thankful that I'm finally home after thinking it would be a good idea to drag my 3 youngest to a few stores. Bad idea. I'm thankful that Matthew is now napping. And I'm thankful it's early day and that Erin
will be home soon to play with her sisters. I'm sure they'd be strangled already if it wasn't early day. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you get to see the family!

Annie said...

I love the sales too. Katie and I have been known to just watch people run into stores. It's great entertainment!!

I'm thankful for so many things. My husband made the pies we are taking to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm such a lucky gal!!!

Enjoy your day!!!