Wednesday, November 14, 2007

6 months old

Brody is 6 months old today! At six months he:
-weighs 20lbs. 11 oz. (yes that is why we call him baby moose)
- is eating solids once a day.
- is learning to like the green vegetables
- is wearing a size three diaper.
- is starting to drink 8 oz. bottles
- is all over the place.
- is rolling all over
- is trying real hard to crawl & is almost there (needds to figure out the hands)!
- is wearing 12-18 months clothes
- has his first cold, it's a doosey (sp?) now has asthma
- is enjoying his jump-a-roo
- is a blankie boy, loves all of his blankets (just like the other 3 boys)
- giggles all the time.
- is very ticklish
- is still a little wobbly when sitting on his own.
- just got into sitting position own his own (from his knees) as I typed this entry, then he quickly fell backwards.
-will enjoy his first Thanksgiving.
-he still falls asleep in our arms, I love this!

Tanner just commented this morning about how much fun it is to have a baby in the house. Tanner, Carter, & Garrett really do love having another brother. I have to totally agree with Tanner. I say this all the time... but it is true, Brody is a delight to have in our family & we are so glad he is ours.


Gionz Zone said...

What can I say??! You do boys VERY well. What a cutie pie!

Annie said...

How handsome!!! You are so lucky to have such cute kids!!! Happy Half Birthday Brody!

katie said...

Hooray for half birthdays. Cute boy!