Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Peas & we have a WINNER!

We tried peas yesterday! Brody did really well. There were a few funny faces that made us all laugh. He also enjoyed his first swing ride today. He loved swinging back & forth in the baby swing in the backyard. Thanks Lisa :) He stayed in the swing for about 30 minutes.

We have a winner! And the winner is....Lisa P.. She guessed the # of steps & that is the right answer. John brought home a pedometer from work & I thought I would try it out on Friday. By 2 pm, I had taken 2, 323 steps. I would have clocked more except that the pedometer fell off without me knowing while making the bed & I stepped on it. OOPS. Way to go Lisa! I will get your prize to you! Thanks for playing!


Now It's Just Camie... said...

I just saw that you are reading "These is my words" - I want to borrow it. I have heard about through another blog - Was it good?

katie said...

I love your contests. I think I should get me a pedometer. I'd be interested. One day I really want to keep track of how many times I go up and down my stairs. You'd think it would give me fabulous looking legs. It doesn't. Love the Pea Pictures.