Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weekend update!

We have had a great weekend! I hit the road @ 3:30 am on Friday morning & started my shopping. By 8:00 am, I had been to JC Penny, Babies r Us, Old Navy, Wal*Mart, Target, & Green Tangerines. I scored some major deals & had fun with all of the other crazy shoppers in town. Shopping on black Friday has been a tradition since we have been married. I sure do miss shopping with my sister Amber. I did call her @ 6:45 am to see what deals she had scored many miles away! She was done & heading back to bed. The boys enjoyed a fun play date with some friends & then we took them to a great Pizza joint in town. They had a great time bowling, riding the rides. playing games & eating all of the pizza & treats their tummies could hold. We spent today doing laundry, making Christmas cards & running some errands. I am anxious to put up all of my Christmas decorations but can't until the ward Christmas party is over. I am using our tree as part of the decorations. I will have to wait one more week. John is probably thankful for that extra week. Enjoy!


katie said...

I must say I enjoyed the Old Navy sale. I did my best to avoid WalMart and haven't stepped foot in there all weekend. However, I'm sure I'll be there sometime next week. We live right around the corner for our mall and I must say that place has been packed all weekend. They opened at midnight (12 a.m.) on friday morning. It's been nuts trying to get around. Good luck with your upcoming party!

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

I've never done the early morning shopping. It's not that I'm afraid - I like a good challenge - it's just so darn early! You'll have to show me the ropes. It sounds like fun. (Am I nuts?)

Gionz Zone said...

Okay, I'm impressed. I rarely go shopping on black Friday. I'm nervous to hit WalMart this week!