Saturday, September 29, 2012

Game #4

A little secret behind the 22 hour escape for our Anniversary. When you have 4 active boys who are all playing soccer right now you can't (guilt free) ask someone to watch your kids and then produce a laundry list of the various places/games they need to be at. We decided to enjoy a quick escape and planned on being back in time to get everyone to their Saturday games.

Yes, I know!!! Game #1 usually comes before game #4. When you have 4 boys playing soccer on any given Saturday, there is no guarantee whose game I am actually going to get to watch. The 3 older boys are all playing at the Comp./ Select levels so they are all over town and out of town. This is Brody's first season of soccer. He has literally been counting down the days until it would be his turn to play. John is helping coach Brody's soccer team this year and that usually means he gets to see all of Brody's games. The first game I got to see Brody play in, I showed up to the fields with a dead battery. Oh the disappointment! Game #4 would be the next one I would get to see and I made sure the battery was charged.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the game. Brody will show up to most games wearing the Goalie jersey and ask coach if he can be the Goalie! He loves it!

 Here is Brody nailing the ball right into the goal(#21). He kicked it so hard he fell down.

We have a team GOAL jar. When the kids score a goal, we add quarters (or whatever you amount you choose). I overhead one of the Dads say>|< " At this rate, our team party is going to be held in Vegas." The kids have scored quite a few goals so far. FUN!

 He is having the time of his life. We believe it is all he had hoped it would be AND more.