Thursday, September 20, 2012

16 years and counting!

Today, John and I  celebrate 16 years of marriage!
I say this often and I will say it again, I am so happy to have John by my side as we enjoy this roller coaster ride we know as OUR LIFE. I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to spend each day with him. We are a good match. He tends to be the calm to my craziness(crazy in a good. productive way). He is the Ying to my Yang. The Peanut Butter to my Jelly. He is the sunshine on a cloudy day. He is my ONE and ONLY!He works so hard to provide for our family. He is a great Dad and a fabulous husband. I had a friend who would tell her husband about the nice, kind, wonderful, fun things that John would do for me and for our family. When she would relay them to her husband, his response was "Well, you should have married John Krupp!" That comment would make me laugh every time and and make me realize how lucky I was/am. How did I get so lucky??? Our actual anniversary day(today) was filled with shuffling kids around town. We attended Tanner's Flag Foot ball game, Carter's Cross Country meet and Garrett's soccer practice. We have plans for next weekend, already penciled in on our calendars. We can't wait to celebrate then!