Thursday, September 27, 2012

22 hour Anniversary escape

Yes. You read that right. 22 hours was all it took to enjoy some serious quality time with my one and only. For our anniversary get away, John had some fun things planned. He surprised me with concert tickets to see TRAIN in Reno.  This is the 2nd year in a row that we escaped to Reno for our anniversary! Some people might assume that Reno is our spot. Rest assured, it's not. There just  happened to be two concerts, two years in a row that we wanted to attend. We saw Maroon 5 last year!

We hit the road and enjoyed listening to the TRAIN set list that I downloaded from a previous concert over the Summer. It got us pumped up for our show!  A beautiful car ride over the Sierra's with my love, no kiddos and some good tunes. What's not to love??? We checked into our hotel, The Alantis. While it was a really nice place to stay, I still can't EVER get over the smoking in the hotels. We had a non-smoking room which was fabulous, it is just the getting in and out of places with all of the smoke. Blah! I am just not a fan of my hair and clothes smelling like smoke. The state of California did something right when they banned that years ago.

After checking into our hotel, we headed out for some lunch. Nothing fancy. We had sandwiches. I was trying to be good while away and I was. I ended up losing 2 lbs. this week :-). After lunch, we headed back to our hotel. We took a nap and watched the end of the Giants game. We agreed that is was just nice to be together without our brood in tow :-).

For dinner, we tried (again for the 2nd year in a  row) to eat at the Steak House in Reno. I had eaten there a while back while on a road trip to and from Utah with my Mom and Grandma and Grandpa Shore. I am not a big red meat eater but the steak dinner I had was soooooo good. John, on the other hand, loves red meat. I knew he would love this place. We showed up at 4:45 right when it opened. There was already an hour and half- 2 hour wait. We would be seated around the time our concert should be starting. We had to come to figure out a back up plan. We decided on The Outback Steak House that we had passed going to and from our hotel. Dinner was yummy and then we were off to the concert.

Andy Grammer and Matt Kearny were the opening acts for TRAIN. While we didn't think we knew who either of them were, we were happy to discover that we had heard one of Andy's songs. He sings Keep Your Head Up. I actually ended up really liking him and his music. So much so that I downloaded a few of his songs in between acts. Gotta love modern day technology AND new music. Check out his songs Fine By Me and a cover of Rhianna's We Found Love.

TRAIN was amazing. I have always loved them. They have some fun music. Some  of my all time favorite songs EVER are by TRAIN! The lead singer, Pat Monahan was awesome! Very charming and funny! We had 10th row seats on the floor, so the view wasn't too shabby. Some of my favorite songs that were performed were Meet Virginia, Bruises, Marry Me  and California 37. All of the songs were awesome! It was a fantastic concert and an even better evening spent with my sweetie!

 (see Pat signing autographs right behind me :-)? So close!)

On our way out of Reno, we decided to drive up to the Reno Temple. Neither of us had ever seen it in person! Like all LDS Temples, it was beautiful and very peaceful. It is definitely one of the smaller Temples but still gorgeous.

Happy 16 years of wedded bliss. Thank you for making me happy!


Julie@My5monkeys said...

that sounds like an amazing time.