Sunday, September 30, 2012

September by the numbers

1. book read (Silver Girl)

3. layouts created( Low #, I took a month off from the GTKC for Sept.).

6. Merit Badges were earned by Tanner (2 were Eagle required-YAY!!!).

11.  years since 9-11. So many  thoughts and memories AND thankfulness for all of those who helped others and for those who lost their  lives that day!

13. blog posts recorded for the month.

15. new songs were purchased(new Alanis Morissette album -LOVE it), Pink (Blow), Taylor Swift(Ronon and We are Never Getting Back Together), and Dave Matthews Band- Mercy).

16 a. years and counting of wedded bliss for the Mr. and I.

16 b. My nephew Kai turned sweet 16. Can't decide if he is old or if I am getting old???

17. TRAIN songs heard LIVE *sigh* it made me so happy! games were played by the boys and watched by the fans :-)

22. hours was all we needed to escape/feel re-energized.

139.75.  miles were logged this month.