Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After School Sports - Carter

Carter has been part of the Cross Country team. He has stayed after school, Monday - Thursday, logging miles around the school campus and the neighborhoods around the school. You have to give all of the runners big props. The average temperature  has been 98-100 degrees...very HOT! Carter runs as a 6th grader against 6th and 7th grade boys. Carter participated in 6 Cross Country meets, running against other boys, from other schools in our area. On most meet days, there were 168 boys in his age bracket. Carter placed anywhere from 15th-20th place. WOW! We are so proud of him and wonder where he came from??? John and I are kind of shocked that we have a runner :-). Who knew??? Carter just learned that he qualified for the FINALS. He will get to run against the top runners from each of the other schools. Good luck, Carter. Run like the wind!

 One of the biggest reasons I love that our boys are involved in after school sports/activities in general, is for the  wonderful friendships they are making. They are building friendships that will last a lifetime and are continually learning  how to be part of something bigger than themselves.