Sunday, March 7, 2010

weekend escape

another fabulous weekend escape to the coast with fun friends. I so needed this little get away. We stayed at the light house {again} this year. The weekend was spent scrapbooking, watching movies, reading books, staking "corners', getting massages (thanks Sheri), enjoying the sunsets, eating yummy food, listening to music, late nights, naps, and lots of laughter. It was a crazy start to the new year for most of us {insane girl scout cookie sales, a new baby, a fresh start, health issues, a death of a friend} and this weekend was exactly what each of us needed. there was no pressure to scrapbook(even though that was my mission this weekend), everyone kind of did their own thing.

even though we packed much lighter, it was still a chore(as you can see by Sheri's silly expression} to get our stuff to fit in the car. Meet my new, cute friend Sheri! She was a a fun addition to the group. She fit right in.

Meet Max. He was another new addition to the beach this year. He is Michelle's sweet baby boy. He turned 8 weeks old while we were at the beach. All he wanted to do was eat, smile & sleep :-). He is a doll & I loved getting my baby fix.

A few of my favorite things/photos from the weekend:

- completing 14 layouts.

- The view from the family room at the end of each day...awesome!

- watching friends relax.

- enjoying the hobby that we all enjoy.

- these amazing girls. thrilled to call them friends.

I am happy to be back home. Reality quickly set in...sick kiddo, laundry, homework, dirty diapers, etc... I will hang tight to the happy {get away}memories to help me make it through the crazy times. There is already talk of next years trip...something to look forward to.


lorelie said...

I love that you get these periodic escapes with dear friends....a much needed pick-me-up! If only they could last a day or two longer, huh?

Julie@My5monkeys said...

sounds like a great escape..I totally agree those are fun to do.

katie said...

I think it's so great that you get to do this every now and then. Looks like a fun and relaxing time!

Michelle said...

I love that picture of Max! I came home just the opposite...totally in the mood to scrapbook. I just wish I wasn't so darn tired in the evenings. I had a wonderful time as well. Thanks for all the planning and prep. You're the BEST!

Lisa said...

So lucky!!! I'm glad you had a great time!! You so deserve it! You have a great husband!!