Friday, March 19, 2010

fond memories

We received word, early this morning that my Grandpa Shore had passed away. The world has lost one A-M-A-Z-I-N-G man. It is so hard to imagine our lives without Grandpa present...he was such a big part of our lives, our world. We received that early, early morning phone call that everyone dreads. My Dad was on the other end, fighting back the tears as he called to let us know that Grandpa had passed away. Since the news of his passing, favorite memories have flooded my mind. While I am enjoying those memories, I am so afraid that Garrett and Brody aren't going to remember him and the wonderful human being that he was. That makes me sad. For my own sake & for the sake of my children, I want to record the things I remember & loved most about my Grandpa Shore.

- When I was born, I had crazy, dark hair that stuck straight up in the air. When I was two months old, Grandpa bought me my first curling iron for Christmas. That just gives you a glimpse of his humor :-).

- When we were younger, we knew we could always earn money for penny candy while visiting Grandpa. He would pay us a penny a snail. Those snails had to have been collected from his yard :-).

- I loved the one on one dates/sleep overs that each grandchild got with him & Grandma. That date was your ticket to some serious one on one time with them. It meant new jammies, a new toy from Sav-on and breakfast at Sambo's. I have a Polaroid photo from one of my dates and it is one of my favorite photos ever.

- He was an honest man. If he got home from the store & realized that he was given too much change (even if it was just 2 cents)...he would march right back to that store & return their money. He was a wonderful example of being honest in all you do and say.

- He had a favorite chair, his recliner. If he caught you sitting in it, he would come over and say "who's in my chair"? Then he would sit on us & we would giggle. We'd sit there just to rile him up! I can still hear & see my cousin Mike giving him nuggies on the head while Grandpa sat in that very same recliner.

- If there was a cool, new gadget to be had, he would have it. If he loved it, he would buy one for each of his kids. A few gadgets that come to mind, a dust buster, a can crusher, a bread machine, and soda racks for the fridge.

- I have many fond camping memories with Grandpa. My favorite trip ever was the summer he and Grandma took the California granddaughters camping. We camped at Grandpa's favorite spot, Hat Creek(near Mt. Lassen). I am not sure if he really new what he was in for :-). That was the summer we all learned to fish, thanks to Grandpa. The four of us girls wanted to go fish some more. He sent us on our way & yelled "first one to catch a fish gets $10.00". It was game on from there. Kerstin, Amber, Sommer & I were perched in our spots, all hoping to be the first one to catch a fish. Kerstin caught a fish and started to reel it in. As she was reeling it in,it was headed right towards Amber's face. Amber screamed & started swatting her hands at it, knocking it off of Kerstin's line. There was lots of screaming and commotion. When we settled down and looked up,there was Grandpa. He had come running when he heard the screaming. I think he had thought one of us had fallen in. Then he realized the screaming was going on due to the slimy fish being reeled in. I don't think we ever invited on a girls only trip again. :-).

- When John & I were newlyweds and had moved into our 1st apartment, it was an upstairs apartment. At this point in his life, it wasn't easy for Grandpa to climb stairs. He was determined to come see our new apartment & he did. I think he wanted to check out his old recliners that we had had re-covered :-).

- He had the best smile & chuckle...I am going to miss that the most.

- During my college days, we would all (my sister and cousins)head to their house each Wednesday for lunch. Lots of our friends from school even started coming to lunch with us. They knew they would get a yummy home cooked meal :-).

- As one of our wedding gifts, my Grandpa bought me an industrial size bottle of Windex and new broom from Costco...he knew how much I liked to clean.

- he served in WWII & was very proud of that service, as he should be.

- He loved baseball. I can hear the Giants game being broadcast on his stereo, out in his garage. He took me and my siblings along with the Helins and Granquists to my very first Giants game.

- I have wonderful memories of celebrating all of the holidays with him. Thanksgiving and Christmas were my favorite. He was a big helper in the kitchen. He helped with the turkey and his home made gravy was to die for...perfection.

- On the day of our wedding reception, he handed John and I a $100.00 bill and told us to spend it on breakfast(mind you, my Grandparents had already been so generous with wedding presents for us).

- He loved his great grandchildren. Anytime we'd go to visit, he'd check the boys oil...code for tickling them. It never got old.

- He always wore a hat(fishing, cowboy, or baseball). it was his signature piece of clothing or maybe it was his pressed denim jeans :-).

- He loved to sit out on his patio & enjoy his garden and his family...lots of family gatherings were enjoyed out there.

- Can you believe that he never- ever changed a dirty diaper :-)? I love the story that my Mom tells. My Mom & Grandma had gone shopping & left my baby brother, Tyson with Grandpa. Tyson had pooped his pants so my Grandpa simply took Tyson outside & let him play out there till my Mom got back so SHE could change him.

- He was the hardest working man. Don't let the lack of diaper changes fool you :-). He owned and operated a KFC in San Jose for many, many years.

- A year or so ago, he new it was time to give up driving. I don't think he was ready but he knew his body was ready. Just to prove it to himself, he went and took the written test and passed. He carried that valid license in his wallet.

- He made driving through the ugly Nevada desert(on our way to Utah)very interesting. I had the chance to take a road trip with my Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Shore in 2006, He knew so many interesting things about the Nevada desert & it's surroundings...who knew?

I could seriously go on and on about my Grandpa. I am thankful to have had such a wonderful Grandpa in my life. So thankful for his involvement with our entire family. We all knew that he supported & loved us, unconditionally. I am so very thankful for the knowledge & testimony that I have in forever families. I know that I will see him again & for that I am so thankful. I am thankful that he is no longer in any pain. I am thankful that his last day on earth was filled with sunshine and time spent with his sweetheart, enjoying their patio & backyard together. He will be missed but his wonderful life filled with sweet memories will live on forever. In honor of his life, we picked up a bucket of KFC for dinner tonight & remembered him fondly.


Anonymous said...

What great memories you have of your Grandpa. You're a lucky Granddaughter.

Lisa P.

Brenda Johnston said...

So sorry for your loss Raimi, but so glad you have such awesome memories!

Stephanie said...

LOVED reading about your dear grandpa. What an amazing man! I agree with Lisa, you are a lucky granddaughter!! Hang in there, my dear friend. ((hugs))

katie said...

Can crusher, his recliner, hats, the soda rack thingy in his fridge, GIANTS, "yell-o" whenever he answered the phone, KFC, his beautifully manicured yard, the smell of coffee.....all of these things remind me of Uncle Dick.

See you tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I never had the chance to enjoy a living grandparent on my side of the family living close to me. Dick accepted me with open arms and made me feel like family. Enjoyed his stories from the pacific and the many stories of his travels. Never a dull moment.

Thank you for accepting me and you will be missed Grandpa!


Unknown said...

Sending happy thought your way during a sad time. Cherish your memories! We love you!

Raejean said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad you enjoyed and cherished the time you had with your grandpa.

mer said...

such beautiful memories... thank you for sharing. now i know even more why you are such an amazing mom, wife and friend!

kathy said...

He was special....I sorry to hear he is gone. Lucky you to have had grandparents for so long. Your boys will remember. Love always remembers.

Meridee said...

Oh my sweet friend, I'm sorry. It's so good that you've recorded some of your memories. I sure love you. Hugs!

The Marsden 6 said...

So sorry for your loss. He sounds like a GREAT man, much like you and your Mom...all great people! I admire you all...