Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March by the numbers

ONE amazing pop fly caught by Tanner during a close game(he got the game ball for this play).
TWO the # of books I read(Love Walked In & First Family)
Three the minimum # of times Brody changes his outfit on a daily basis.
FOUR amazing days spent at Bodega Bay with fun friends.
FIVE My baby brother, Tyson(#5 of the 5 Davis kids) got engaged earlier this month.
SIX wins for the Yankees(Tanner & Carter's team).
SEVEN select soccer tryouts were attended by Tanner & Carter(they both made their teams).
NINE The age Carter turned this month.
Eleven hours spent on a date with my sweetie.
Twelve blog entries this month.
THIRTEEN(out of 14) of the SHORE cousins in one place.
FOURTEEN days at home with the boys while they are on Spring Break.
SIXTEEN John Mayer songs heard live.
SEVENTEEN scrapbook layouts created (see FOUR days at the beach).
NINETEEN baseball practices attended this month.
TWENTY TWO of the Shore Great Grand kids(that was all of them) in one times.
THIRTY ONE photos of the day were taken.
NINETY days w/out a Diet Coke(I still crave it, especially when I eat Mexican Food.

With the up and downs of this month, I really do have so much to be thankful for.


mer said...

love your list! :) i miss you a ton!!! give those sweet boys hugs from me and d.

Raimi said...

thanks mer. it sounds like we will get to see you tonight...can't wait!

katie said...

I love this!

erin said...

Love this list. So clever.

Meridee said...

cute post