Sunday, June 29, 2008

One year BLOG-iversary

One year ago today, I started our little family blog. I was skeptical at first. I didn't think I would be very faithful about keeping up on the posts. One year later, I will admit it, I am addicted to Blogging. It has become our little family journal...our way to stay in touch & keep tabs on the people we love. We have also had the chance to reconnect with friends we haven't talked to in years. It has been easier to document our happenings here rather than writing it down five times over in every one's journals. We still have journals. I tend to go into more detail in my own personal journal. The older boys are writing in their own journals & it has made for a great summer activity. I am a firm believer in documenting ones life...the joys, the things that make you tick, your dreams, your testimony, the burnt cookies(the things that don't go quite so well) as my friend Camie would say.

As a treat to myself, I am going to have our Blog posts bound into a little book. Have you seen these? My cousin Katie blogged about it on her blog a few months back. At, you can have your blog posts bound. See, it really is a journal...with photos. The story of our lives.

If you know me, you know that we can't have a Blog-iversary & not have some fun give aways. Leave us a comment, tell us whether or not you keep a journal or maybe you are addicted to Blogging too. If you don't journal, what are your excuses?

As a bonus, if you can answer the following questions right, your name will be added to the pot a few more times. For each correct answer, I will put your name in the draw, giving you extra chances to win. All answers to the questions can be found in past blog posts (I kept them simple). Good luck & have fun. I am hoping everyone will post & let us know you're out there. The boys love reading the comments just as much as I do!

Here are the questions:
1. What is the date of my first blog post? ( I am giving you this one people)
2. What was my childhood nickname?
3. I have been able to escape two times this year with some of my closest friends, name one of the two destinations.
4. How long have John & I been married?
5. Which one of my boys made the select soccer team this year?
6. Whose favorite color is red(besides me)?
7. Why was John home from work for two months after Brody was born?
8. Who am I going to see in concert next summer (no matter what)?
9. Who learned to ride a two wheeler this last year?
10. Who can be found perched up on the kitchen table @ any given moment?

**EDITED** Lisa P was the first to respond & got them all right- way to go Lisa. You can do what Jacque did when answering...Just use the honor system. My brain wasn't thinking about how to post the answers w/out giving everyone a fair shot.
Have a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

1. June 29, 2007
2. Hooverina
3. The beach and Lake Tahoe
4. 11 years (almost 12!)
5. Tanner
6. Carter
7. Sabbatical
8. Kenny Chesney
9. Garrett
10. Brody

Lisa P.

Jacqueline said...

Raimi, Can I just copy everything that Lisa answered? Truthfully, upholding my integrity, I knew numbers 1,3,4, and 8. I'm enjoying my little blog, but journaling... I'm too tired. My brain doesn't seem to work like that anymore. But I'm cheering you on!

Barb said...

I read your blog all the time but I will admit that I can't remember everything and don't have the time to go back and look. Sorry ;(
But as far as me, myself and I keeping a journal. I used to in high school but fell off the wagon until I started blogging. Now our blog is my/our journal and I am addicted. I wish everyone had one because it makes it so easy to keep up with everyone.
So keep up the good work and am looking forward to reading more!!

Stephanie said...

I started to blog right after you did and I LOVE it, too. I'm addicted. I don't feel too bad about this addiction because it also serves a great purpose in my mind. It's our family journal. I want to get my blog posts bound, too. Anyway, I actually feel confident in my answers. I did them before I came to the comments page - so I didn't peek @ Lisa's answers! (Lisa has an awesome memory)

1. June 29, 2007
2. Hooverina (which is hilarious!)
3. Beach (scrapbooking) & Tahoe
4. 11 1/2 years
5. Tanner (way to go!!)
6. Carter (I love his RED soccer shoes)
7. He had a sabbatical -- you lucky girl
8. Kenny Chesney
9. Garrett (I cannot believe how good he is on the bike -- doing tricks and all -- scary!)
10. Brody (nursery count-down is in full swing, eh?!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Raimi -

Yes, I keep a journal at the moment. A personal one, not a family one.

Here's my answers for my name to be thrown in the pot!

1. 06-29-07
4. 11 yrs.
5. Tanner
6. Carter
7. Sabatical
8. Kenney Chesney
9. Garrett
10. Brody

Hi Boys!
Love, Free

katie said...

I too love your blog and highly recommend The book is great. In all honesty, and I like to be honest....i knew the answers to numbers 1,3,4,5,7,8,9, and 10. Let me know waht you think of Blurb. Congrats on the anniversary. I too still keep a regular journal. Mostly funny things my kids say and do. I really don't want to forget.

Meridee said...

I don't journal because I'm a lazy cow! And I don't have a blog, but I'm a total blog stalker! Thanks for sharing yours. I knew 7 out of 10 answers without looking. Fun idea!

Lisa said...

Hi Raimi,
I love your blog and I love to blog too!! That's how I journal. I used to write in a journal as a teenager and all through my mission. I love blogging, I started on Sept. 11 last year!!

1. Obviously if this is your anniversary then you started on 6/29/07. 2. I'm not sure what it is, if I had more time, I'd go search. 3. You scrapbooked at the beach(I'm jealous!) and you came with us to Tahoe!! 4. same as us, this year it's 12 years. 5. Tanner made select! 6. Carter, I remember you telling me that when I did your stockings. 7. Because he loves kids!! Yes, but he was on his sabbatical from work. 8. I wish I knew (probably a country singer) 9. Garrett, you are a stud! My girls are jealous! 10. Brody the climber.
**That was fun, thanks!!!

Annie said...

I've kept a journal since junior high. It is really funny to go back and read sometimes! I'm glad you have your boys do it. I'm glad I did. Happy anniversary!!!

Laurie said...


I love how almost every day I find another blog of a family we know. It saves so much time on keeping up with friends and family. I love to blog so that my out of state family can keep up with my family. I hope you don't mind if I stop by again.