Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Is...

So... this is the way it works these days. The only way I seem to get any scrapbooking done is when I buy the Kit Of The Week that I have designed for Green Tangerines. Part of my job includes designing these K.O.T.W's for the store. Kelly(my boss) will usually hand me a piece of pattern paper or two & then I go from there. Some weeks it is a REALLY big stretch(code for I am not really into the paper) to see what I can come up with. Some of the paper lines are things that I would never have picked in a million years. I designed this LO for last weeks kit. I was given the two pieces of blue pattern paper & I used them as the base of the LO. From there, it was a blank canvas. As I was sorting the piles of pictures that have made their home on the floor in my scrapbook room, I came across these fun pictures from last summer. They are perfect for this LO. I had forgotten about them so I had to borrow some pictures from a co-worker to complete the original layout. We were visiting my Gram & Gramps Shore(the boys great grandparents). All of the cousins & my parents were there & it ended up being a fun little photo shoot. Just in case you can't read my journaling, it reads:
Summer Is:
sunshine, blue skies, playing with our cousins, green grass, water fights, running thru the sprinklers, visiting with our grandparents, swimming, smiles, sleeping in, water parks, play dates, trips to the dollar store, & endless hours of fun!!! *If I had had more room, I would have added:the smell of sunscreen, Lake Tahoe, ice cream, flip flops, air conditioning, camping, the slip & slide, Kenny Chesney concerts, lemonade, 50 cent nights @ th Boardwalk, the list could go on & on.

What does summer mean to you? I am thinking it is time for another give away. I happen to have purchased an extra "Summer Is"kit. For those of you who leave a comment on what "Summer is" to you, I will have my boys draw a name on Friday. Friday is their official first day of summer, fitting for a summer time layout. School ends on Thursday-YEAH!!!. Your kit will come complete, with all of the product you need to create this layout & a color photo of what the completed layout should look like. All you have to do is cut the papers, adhere & add your cute photos. I can't Wait to hear what summer is to you! Good luck!

P.S. A new KOTW is released every Thursday morning @ Green Tangerines. They are available while supplies last.


Jacqueline said...

Okay Ms. Raimi -- Summer to me is not having to rush in the morning to be to the bus at 7:10 a.m., children wanting pancakes every morning, swimming lessons, afternoons in the backyard, visits to see family, a few sunburns, a trip to LaGoon, the zoo and a few hikes, smiling kid faces and a worn out Mamma who will be excited when school starts again in August!

Mamarazzi said...

SO fun!!

i love this LO.

you need to email me i have some questions for you...and some answers!! lol

never 2 pink at yahoo dot com

Annie said...

Summer to me is long evening walks at dusk. Watermelon and strawberries. Sleeping with the windows open. Airconditioners and crockpots...

katie said...

raimi...i love that layout! Summer to me means laying in my bed a little bit longer each morning, 7-11 slurpees, mowing my lawn, being outside til bedtime with my kids, lots of sunscreen, swimming lessons, parades, watermelon, and lots of popsicles.

I've been scrappin a little bit lately. Maybe I'll post a few one of these days.

Julie said...

summer time is having kids out of school , making a mess and driving moms crazy and going to the parks alot.

Anonymous said...

Summer is for me: Bare feet all the time, more pedicures to handle bare feet walking, trips to Zelda's in Santa Cruz for shrimp louie's by the sea, sitting outside late in the evening hours discussing everything from favorite ice cream flavors, childhood memories and (gasp!) world events, laying on a freshly cut lawn and petting our 150lb. Akita "puppy" with our neighbors children and watching as many sunsets as I possibly can!

Hugs and Love to all of you!

Stephanie said...

I love summer for the lazy days. Summer is: barefeet, swimming all day, water balloons, sprinklers, otter pops, the smell of sunblock, air conditioning, reading a book, staying up late, no real schedule, and hopefully, a trip or two to Tahoe.

lizzie said...

i love afternoon summer thunderstorms! and being here in the mountains last year, we got one EVERY day!

i love sprinklers and fresh cut grass.

i love lazy summer mornings.

i love spending hours at the park with the kids.

i love evening bike rides.

i love august (particularly the

The Garcia's said...

My favorite things in the summer are visits from family, trips to the pool, evening walks, being outside all day, not rushing out of the house in the morning, long morning runs outside, and my very favorite is the 4th of JULY!

Amy K said...

Summer is the best. I love the no schedule! Sunscreen, lemonade, popsicles, swim lessons, swimming with the kids, fireworks, strawberries, cartoons, grilling, bike rides at night and just doing whatever you want!!

Loved your layout, you always do a great job.

Jordan, Annie, Allie & London said...

Summer is...park days, beach days, pool days, flip flops, capri's, sunscreen, road trips, late nights, ice cream and strawberries.

So fun, I love your little give aways!

Lisa said...

Cute LO!! I LOVE Summer!!
Summer is:
NO alarm clock, swimming all day, play dates, no schedule, playing with the kids, picnics, snow cones, lemonade, ice cold water, kids cleaning out their rooms, NO school papers clutering my house, no more lunch boxes and backpacks, getting together with cousins, camping, RVing, family reunions, sleepovers, swim lessons, less-stressful mom, family game nights(every night), day trips, lunch dates, mattinee movies, free summer movies, 4th of July and my birthday!