Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've survived...

the first week of summer break (barely) with the boys. The flu thing sure
put a damper on the start of our summer vacation. Everyone else has
remained healthy (knock on wood). We have enjoyed many fun activities
so far. Here are a few highlights from our week.

Brody tromping around the kitchen in John's shoes.
He loves to do this & does any chance he gets.

Tanner enjoying the BB gun shooting @ camp.

Tanner & friends @ Twilight (Scout) camp.

Garrett riding the cement slide. What a PRO.

Garrett, Carter & Tanner waiting for their turns
on the slides. We happened to go on a day where
a licensed daycare showed up for an outing-NICE.
They only had 20 or so kids with them.

Carter posing for the camera-I've taught
him well.

Brody trying to convince Dad to
get him out of the water NOW!
He likes warm bath water instead.

Garrett has become quite the fish this summer. He loves the water
& will even jump in @ the deep end. We are looking forward to many
more fun outings. We hope you are enjoying your summer & that you
are staying COOL!


Lisa said...

looks like you're having fun!!!
I'm glad you are feeling better. We'll have to join you next time on the slides, we've never been. WE are surviving too, I've got a little cold.

Stephanie said...

We've got a "bug" over here, too. We had to pick up B from Twilight Camp today -- still not feeling well. Sounds like you guys are still going strong despite a rough start to the summer. We'll have to meet you over at the slides one of these days, hopefully NOT when a daycare comes! That happened to us last summer. They arrived about 2 minutes after we did. I wanted to scream!!

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Sorry about that stinking flu. At least you're having fun now. I especially loved the shoe photo. We have a shoe lover here just about his size . . .

Mamarazzi said...

looks like a GREAT summer so far.

glad the flu didn't take over for too long!!

love all of the pics...more more more!