Friday, June 13, 2008

How to RUIN the 1st day of Summer vacation...

-not sleeping very well, knowing you have to throw up... but just not knowing when.

-hugging the porcelain throne @ 5 am (the worst feeling in the world).

-being down & out all day with the stomach flu.

-missing the first pool party of the season.

-instead of enjoying the yummy food @ the pool party, I have had a piece of toast today.

-sleeping ALL day because your body aches too much to do anything else.

-high fever that won't break.

There is my day in a nut shell. This is not how I wanted to start our
summer vacation. I hope this bug ends with me. I am praying nobody e
lse gets it. I can't remember the last time I was this sick.

Sorry for the delay in posting the WINNER to the "Summer is" contest.
There are no cute pictures of my boys drawing the name. I wrote every
ones names down, folded them up & then drew the lucky winner. The
lucky winner is LIZZIE! Congrats. I will most likely not make it to the
PO tomorrow but I will mail it out first thing Monday morning. Thanks
for playing & sharing what summer is to you! I hope you all have a
wonderful summer!


Courtney said...

Sorry you're sick. Hopefully you'll be spared for the rest of summer vacation. Thanks for stopping in to say hi. Your boys are adorable!


Stephanie said...

You know that Mom's can't get sick, right!???!! Ha! I'm so sorry to hear about your awful stomach flu. No fun. Good thing John was home to help out. Get better!!!

Jacqueline said...

When Mom's get sick a Nanny, Maid and Chef should automatically show up on your doorstep! Sending feelings of get betterness your way!

Meridee said...

I'm sorry you're sick. I hope it ends with you! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo sorry you're sick. When Mom is down it takes a TEAM to replace her! A card is on the way. Hopefully by the time you receve it you will be totally on the mend.
Love, Free

Kerrie said...

YUCK, I hope it didn't go through the fam. Hopefully you got it all out the first day and the rest of the summer will be germ free~