Saturday, June 28, 2008

A little Randomness for your Saturday

I don't have any jaw dropping news to report today. I thought I would post RaNdOm thoughts & what we've been up to this week. Here we go...

- We enjoyed a FREE Wednesday. We started our morning off by seeing a FREE movie @ the local theatre. They offer a free G & PG movie every Wednesday. We saw Shrek the 3rd. The boys had seen it before, I had not. Then we enjoyed kicking the summer reading program off @ our local Library. Fun games,book characters & live music for the kids. Then we hit Barnes & Noble & picked up their summer reading logs. When your kids have read 8 books, you turn the log back in & then they will receive a free book. Carter has already earned one free book. He has been a little book worm this summer.

- Old Navy, can't get enough of that store this week. I went in this afternoon to return a pair of shorts for Garrett & was surprised to see the lines hitting the back of the store. All solid color flip flops are on sale for $1.00. Yes, you read that right. Didn't buy any flip flops but still managed to walk out there with a bad full of summer goodness.

- The boys enjoyed a fun afternoon at the local water park. As a Mom, with four little boys, I LOVE {with a BIG ole' red puffy heart} the person who created such a cool park. The park is PURE genius in my book. Endless hours of cool playtime.

- I enjoyed a fun date with my sweetie tonight. We met up with some friends @ CRUSH29. It was fabulous to visit & have actual adult conversations.

- I am so tired of the smoke & the thick Haze covering our skies. I am ready for the blue sky to show it's self again! Tanner's select soccer practices were canceled this week.

- I am looking forward to the 4th of July & spending some time with my family. I love 4th of July... the colors, the BBQ's, the fireworks, & basically just having a day to reflect on the freedoms I enjoy.

- I have a project due on Monday for an upcoming class. I haven't started it yet, it's in my head, the papers & embellishments are all picked out. I just need to sit down & focus!

- I LOVE watermelon & all of the other fresh fruit. I can't get enough of it this summer.

- I am still annoyed when I think about the woman who cut in front of me while standing in line @ Bath & Body Works this afternoon. Then she had the nerve to look @ me & look annoyed when Brody started screaming & crying. HELLO!!! I would have been out of there faster had she not cut in front of me. I love shopping in that store with 4 little boys (who by the way behaved just fine, with more manners than that lady).

- I have about 6 loads of laundry waiting to be washed. I have no desire to do laundry today. I am telling myself "One load at a time".

- John finally hung a little rack that I purchased for my necklaces. Just looking @ this makes me happy. Their previous home was over the medicine cabinet. Now they won't get tangled & we can shut the medicine cabinet. Simple things.

- I have been reading like a mad lady in my spare time. I have read Mercy, Keeping Faith & am almost done with the Friday Night Knitting Club. They have all been great reads.

- I love this little boy ( as well as my 3 older boys). When the big kids run in & out of the house all day to play, he is my constant companion. My little sidekick! There is always a trail of "stuff "behind him as he tromps through the house.
Hoping your weekend has been filled with sunshine & laughter.


Jacqueline said...

Loved your random thoughts. Wish you would have told that rude lady that cut in front of you in the line something like, "Hey lady, I'm giving you a citation for being rude?! Did you see me standing here with my four children? $200 fine!"

Meridee said...

You are always doing fun things with your kiddos. Way to go! p.s. cute necklaces!

Stephanie said...

Can you believe the nerve of some people (cutting in line)? I'm GLAD that Brodey's crying annoyed her!! People. .... We're going to head over to B&N to get reading logs for our boys, too. Thanks for sharing the idea. Hey,speaking of free stuff, Strikes does some free bowling. Wanna go this week?